Contacts FAQs

  • Import Contacts VS import Deals

    The contacts section is Crmble's address book. When you create a contact or import contacts you don't generate any Trello cards on your board. Contacts are available on a Crmble Team level, meaning they will be reachable from any board that has been added to your Crmble Team. You can import contacts by heading to the contacts section and selecting the Import option by clicking on the "three-dots" action button. An import field mapping screen will pop up. Select your import file (CSV or Excel) and map the contact fields with their corresponding source file column names. Once you are don, click on import and wait for the process to finish. Once done, all imported contacts will be available to add them to cards and generate deals. Learn more about contacts
    The deals section shows in a table view all the deals you have created on your board. To create a deal, create a Trello card on a list first. Make sure the list has been connected with Crmble so that the "Add from my contacts" button is available in the crmble section when you open the card. Use the "Add from my contacts" option to pick an existing contact or create one from scratch by filling out the new contact details and clicking on the "Save new contact" button. Once you are done, the contact card and the deal fields will appear. Your deal has been created.
    When you import deals, you create a new contact for each new imported deal and also a card on your Trello board. Please note that Trello only allows the creation of 1000 cards at a time. To import deals, please head to the "Deals" section and select the "Import" option by clicking on the "Action" button that you'll find in the upper right corner of the screen. As with contacts, a mapping screen will pop up. Select your import file (CSV or Excel) and map the contact and deal fields with their corresponding source file column names. Once you are done, you'll see a preview of all registries you are about to import. Click on import and wait for the process to finish. Please note that this can take some time due to the card creation involved in the process. Wait for the import progressing bar to complete. Learn more about deals

  • What is the minimum requirement to create a new contact?

    You can create a new contact just by filling out the name field.

  • If I delete or archive a card, does the contact linked to that card also get deleted?

    No. The contact database is independent from the leads/cards database.

  • How do I delete a contact?

    Open Crmble and go to the contact menu. Search for the contact and click the trashcan icon to delete it. If the trashcan icon is not active, it’s because you can only delete contacts that are not linked to any card of any board in your Crmble Team. You can check on the right column of the contact section the list of leads a contact is linked with. You can replace the main contact of a lead using the "Switch" that you can access by clicking the pencil icon to edit the contact from the back of the Trello card.

  • If I permanently delete a board of my Crmble Team, do my contacts also get deleted?


  • If I disable Crmble or I delete my Crmble personal settings, do my contacts also get deleted?


  • How do I create a new contact?

    There are two places from which you can create a new contact:

    • From a new card: Using the “Create contact” button.
    • From Crmble's contact section: Using the “Create contact” button.

      Your contact will be available on a Crmble Team level and available from any board in your Crmble Team.

    • Price Plans

    • Will the price of the "Crmble Monster" plan increase during 2022?

      No, we don’t expect to have any price increases on those plans, so you can safely budget the current prices into your plans.

    • Can I remove or add members in my Crmble Team?

      Yes, you can. As you pay per user per month per team your monthly fee will be updated accordingly.

    • Can I downgrade or cancel my Crmble plan?

      Yes, you can cancel or downgrade your current subscription:

      • Open Crmble and click on the bottom left menu item to open your Crmble Team (make sure you are opening Crmble on one of the boards of your Crmble paid team).

      • Head to the "Billings" tab, where you'll find your invoices and the "Cancel" option. 

      • Use the "Downgrade" option to reduce the number of user licenses (this change will update your subscription and take effect on the following subscription renewal date).

      Please note that Crmble currently has only one type of paid plan available called Crmble Monster. It includes all the features developed for Crmble. If, at some point, a higher tier plan should be available, please note that downgrading from it to a lower tier might result in the loss of certain features, functionality, or capacity of the Account, as well as the potential loss of Client Data. In any case before downgrading, Crmble warns about the changes and their repercussions so that you can take the corresponding actions to avoid loss of data using the export options.

    • Do I get charged after my free trial expires?

      No. We won't charge you unless you subscribe to a paid plan.

    • What happens to my data once the free trial expires?

      When you start a 21-day free trial of Crmble, you create a Crmble Team. It's like a special group where you can add as many Trello boards and users as you want. The cool thing is that everyone in your Crmble Team shares the same settings and contacts database.

      During the trial, any information you add to your Crmble Team, like Contacts, Deals, and settings, will be saved for 3 months. This 3-month period starts counting once the trial ends.

      If you subscribe to a paid plan within those 3 months, you'll keep access to all your data and enjoy all the features even after the free trial is over. It's like unlocking the full package!

      However, if you don't subscribe to a paid plan and the 3 months pass, your Crmble Team will be wiped out along with all its data. Unfortunately, this can't be reversed, so make your decision before time runs out.

      If you decide not to continue with Crmble during the trial, no worries! You can still export the deals or contacts you've created by using the export option in each section.

    • Does Crmble provide special promotions or discounts?

      yes, at Crmble we offer special promotions using promo codes that you'll receive whether by email, or you can access them directly through messages inside the Crmble app user interface.
      These promo codes are active for a limited time and are great for optimizing your budget.

      Please note that promotions are not cumulative. If you apply, for instance, a discount code to an annual plan, the two free months discount included by default on yearly plans won't be applied.

      The promotional code only applies to the first subscription cycle and will not be used when renewing the plan after one year.

      The promo code does not apply to any additional licenses purchased after the initial purchase.

      If you acquire an additional license for an annual plan, we will only charge you for the months from the acquisition of the license and the remaining months until the end of the current cycle.

    • Crmble FAQs

    • What is Crmble?

      Crmble is a Trello Power-Up that turns any board into a powerful yet easy to use CRM system that makes customer relationship management a piece of cake.

    • Where can I find Crmble?

      You can find Crmble in Trello’s Power-Up Market listed under Sales & Support category or as a ready to use CRM & Sales Pipeline Template.

    • Do I need Trello for using Crmble?

      Absolutely yes. All you need is a Trello account. Sign up here, It’s free! Sign up for Trello here.

    • Where can I use Crmble?

      You can use Crmble on any major web browser such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer on Windows and all the previous plus Safari on MacOs. Crmble is also available on Windows and MacOs Trello’s desktop app. Crmble is unfortunately not fully available on Trello’s mobile app but available on any major mobile browser.

    • Can I use Crmble on Trello's mobile app?

      Unfortunately not, at least not yet. Trello currently only offer their own in house developed Power-Up’s for Trello’s mobile app. We are working on a mobile solution for Crmble. Until then, please use any mobile web browser to work on Crmble via with your mobile device.

    • How do I disconnect my Google account from Crmble?

      This is the method of choice in order to disconnect Crmble from your Google account. This has to be made on every Trello board with Crmble in which a Google account has been connected.
      In Settings/Toppings/Google you can easily disconnect your Google account from Crmble clicking on the trashcan icon. By doing so, Crmble will automatically disconnect every Google Service including any Google Form connection that has been established with Crmble. Signing in again will not reestablish previous Google Form connections, but will re-activate Google Sync functionality and GMail tracking (if toggle is on).

    • What happens if I disable Crmble from a board?

      By accessing Trello’s board menu Power-Up section, you can click on Crmble to disable it from your board. This action will disconnect automatically your Google account only from this Trello board in particular which means that other Crmble configuration in any other board won’t be affected.

    • What happens if I permanently delete every single Trello board where Crmble has been enabled?

      Permanently deleting every Trello board on which you enabled Crmble results in a complete disconnection between your third party services and Trello account with Crmble.

    • What does Crmble Power-Up “Remove Personal Settings” do?

      Note that removing personal settings does not disconnect your Google account integrations.

      By using the “Remove Personal Settings” option on the Crmble Power-Up options, you tell Trello to revert your Crumble authorisation on a user level which only implies that Crmble can’t be used on any of the boards where Crmble has been added to. Authorizing again will give you access back to your Crmble installation without affecting any integration made, so this is not a way to disconnect your Google Account from Crmble.

      Removing your personal settings from Crmble Power-Up implies that we lose your Trello user id but not your Trello user e-mail. In order to delete your Trello user e-mail from our database, simply unsubscribe from our newsletter.

    • What is a Crmble Lead/Card?

      A Crmble Lead is a Trello card that has at least one Crmble field filled in with data. You can easily identify Crmble Leads by this icon .
      Only Crmble leads will show up on reports. Crmble fields are only visible on cards that are placed on Crmble Lists.

    • Do I need a Trello paid plan to use Crmble?

      No, it is not necessary. With Trello's free trier you can add now unlimited Power-up's to your board to fully use Crmble.

    • Do I need a new Trello board to use Crmble?

      Creating a new board is not necessary. You can add Crmble's Power-up to any existing board using the "Add Power-up" option you'll find in Trello's board menu. We recommend though to start using Crmble from one of our templates.

    • How do I install Crmble?

      Installing Crmble is very easy. You just need a Trello account and add our Power-Up to a board.
      Wether you have already a Trello account or not, we strongly recommend starting from one of our available templates.

    • Are there any Crmble Templates I can use?

      Absolutely! We have several public templates powered with Crmble. Check them out!

    • What is a Crmble template?

      It is basically a Trello board that comes with the Crmble Power-Up pre-installed and with a predefined list layout and set of Crmble fields.
      At the moment we provide 5 different templates, each one to tackle a different kind of process that you can copy to start working with your team in no time.
      In every Crmble powered board, the lists represent the stage of the process the template has been designed for and the set of Crmble fields are the different database fields that you see in every Trello card that ultimately represents the different contacts or tasks you manage. Feel free to start by copying one of our templates and customize the lists and Crmble fields to make it your own tailored made solution.

    • How do I start using Crmble?

      Using Crmble is very easy. Once you add Crmble to your board, our quick setup guide will pop up to get you started in a few minutes.

      Check out our Get Started video

    • Why do I need to Authorize Crmble?

      Crmble is a powerful tool that turns your Trello board into an easy to use CRM system, but with great power comes great responsibility (as uncle Ben used to say). In order to let Crmble do its thing and add all those nice functionalities to your board, we need to make some complex API connections between Trello and third party services (such as Google or Facebook) under the hood. In fact, any Power-Up based on API connections that adds new functionalities to your Trello cards or lists will ask you to authorize.

      The way Trello is designed, whenever you add a Power-Up, you decide on which board you want to add it to. Authorizing, on the other hand, is made on a user level. This means that once you authorize a Power-Up, as long as you don’t remove personal settings, you can enable or disable it from your boards without being asked to every single time. Also note that authorizing a Power-Up doesn’t mean it’s going to access al your boards. You need to add the Power-Up manually to every board on which you want to use it.

      Trello takes its users security and privacy very seriously and any Power-Up needs to pass Trello’s audit before it gets approved to go public on its market place, and so did we.

      Once Crmble is added to a board, a quick setup guide shows up asking you to authorize first. This Pop-Up will also appear if you click on the “Get Started!” button.

      Alternatively you can authorize the Power-Up in the Board menu → Crmble → Authorize.

    • How do I add the lists/sales pipeline to Crmble?

      During Crmble’s quick setup wizard, you will be asked to add our default sales pipeline layout. If for some reason you close our wizard, don’t worry, you can add those lists at any time by clicking on Crmble’s button (on the upper right corner of your board). Go to settings/Crmble Lists and click on “Add default layout”. Done!

      Learn more about Crmble Lists here

    • How do I connect my Google account?

      To connect your Google Account, click on Crmble’s button (on the upper right corner of your board) and go to Toppings. Choose Google and click on the “Sign in with Google button”. Follow the authorization process by giving permission in every step and that’s it. Simple!

    • Why do I have to give Crmble so many Google account permissions?

      Crmble offers many nice ways to integrate your Trello board information and activity with your Google account and its services. We currently offer three Google integrations; Gmail to send and follow up on email threads, Google Forms to create new cards for every submitted form and Google Sync to create Google Contact and card attachments in Google Drive.

      In order to be able to communicate with your Google service, Crmble need to get permission. Crmble is in compliance of Google’s security and operational procedures and this has bee verified by an independent third- party auditor as required by Google.  OAuth authentication process is used to securely connect with your account. One of the reasons for so many permissions asked is that Google does not offer the possibility to get independent permission just for “create” and/or “modify” actions alone. It automatically includes “delete” permission when “create” and “modify” permissions are requested for instance.

      Regardless, Crmble doesn’t use delete permission and will never do. Crmble only reads from, and/or creates info on your Google account as its only purpose is to integrate services.

    • How do I sync with Google Contact/Drive?

      Crmble adds some extra custom fields to your cards that makes it possible to store data in a more organized and consistent way, but most importantly, these Crmble fields are a perfect way to connect services to share data. Whenever you connect a Google account, data stored in those Crmble fields or card attachments can be synced to your google account.
      Use the Google Sync button in your cards to choose wether you want to create a contact from your Crmble filed data or copy your card attachments to your Google Drive. Crmble will automatically create tags in contacts and conveniently named Google Drive folders to help you keep things under control.

    • Can I add labels to my Trello cards?

      Yes of course! You can use any Trello functionality with Crmble. You can even filter by labels in the Dashboard reports by clicking the label icon you’ll fin in the header section.

    • Can I add more lists as touch points of my Sales pipeline?

      Sure, you can add more lists to Crmble via Crmble/Settings/Crmble Lists.

      Learn more about Crmble lists here

    • How do I create a new deal?

      When you add a contact to a Trello card on your Crmble powered board, it becomes a deal. To create a new deal folow the steps below:

      1. Add a new Trello card to a list (preferable to the first list on your board).
      2. Open the new card and head to the Crmble frame to add a contact. You can pick an exisitng contact by clicking on the "Add from my contacts" button, or create a new one by filling out the contact details form and clicking on "Save new contact".

      The first contact you add to the crad becomes the main contact of the deal.

      Open Crmble and head to the "Deals" section to manage all your deals in this board.

    • I added some lists but they are not showing up in the dashboard?

      In order to make a list be part of Crmble sales funnel you need to go to Crmble/Settings/Crmble Lists and add existing lists or new ones to Crmble.

      Learn more about Crmble lists here

    • Can I connect more than one Google account?

      Yes. You can use a different Google account for each Google integration we offer in our Toppings section (Gmail, Google Forms and Google Sync). At the moment though it is not possible to connect more than one account per Topping at the same time.

    • Can I connect more than one Facebook account?

      Yes. Every time you are connecting Crmble with a Facebook form you can do it with a different account.

    • How many Facebook forms can I connect with Crmble?

      You can connect up to 10 facebook forms at the same time.

    • How do I connect a Facebook form?

      Click on Crmble (on the upper right corner o your Trello board).

      Go to Toppings -> Facebook -> Login with Facebook

      Select a Facebook page you manage. Then select any Facebook Leads Ad you are running for that page.

    • Why did my Google Form automation stopped working?

      There are some rules you need to follow while your automations with Google Sheet is running:

      Manually editing, adding or deleting rows while your automation is running will cause your automation to stop working.

      To reactivate Google Sheet based automations due to any action mentioned above. Please delete the integration that stopped working in Crmble’s Google Form Topping and reconnect again following the form field and Crmble field matching process.

      If the problem remains after that, please contact our support team via the chat bubble you’ll find in the lower right corner at or by opening Crmble on your Trello board.

      The same applies to Google Sheet based automations with Zapier.

      Do not delete rows in your spreadsheet while your Zap is on, and don’t add rows in the middle of data your Zap has already recognized. This can cause errors with your Zap. If you need to delete any rows, ensure the Zap is turned off as you make your amendments. Once you’ve finished deleting your rows, you can then turn your Zap back on.

    • Privacy conditions?
      • The purpose of the App is to improve the Trello functionality, as a PowerUp, to become a small CRM with clients information.
      • This Trello PowerUp will maintain in Sync the Trello Card Contact Data in Google Contacts, Card Attachments in Google Drive, import Google Sheets generated data to read emails of users Gmail account inbox and send mailboxes.For this reasons the App will request User Access to:
        • The OpenID (ID and Email) for identifying the user itself in our service.
        • The Google Contacts API, for updating and creating (not deleting) Google Contacts from the Trello Card data.
        • The Google Drive API, for storing the Trello Card Attachments (not deleting).
        • Google Sheets API, for reading content of new created rows (not modifying or deleting).
        • Google Gmail API, for reading inbox and send mail boxes in order to add message snippets to Trello cards (not modifying or deleting).
      • Additional Limits on Use of Your Google User Data: Notwithstanding anything else in this Privacy Policy, if you provide the App access to the following types of your
        Google data, the App’s use of that data will be subject to these additional restrictions:
        • The App will not use this Google data for serving advertisements, or using it in any other manner than the App functionality itself.
        • The App will only use access to read, write, modify, or control the Google Contact information to sync the Contact Data from our App to this Google Contact account.
        • The App will only use access to read, write, modify, or control the Google Drive information to sync the Contact Attachments from our App to this Google Drive account.
        • The App will not store any Google Information, only the OAuth2 Refresh Token and the Google Account ID and email for identifying the user.
        • The Google Contact and Google Drive data will be stored in the final embedded Trello PowerUp as Card data.
        • The App will ask for permission to access Google Sheets API in order to read (not modify or delete) only the spreadsheets chosen by the user in order to get new rows and create new Trello cards.
        • The App will ask for permission to access Google Gmail API in order to read (not modify or delete) mails of users received and send mailboxes to copy mail messages snippets to Trello cards.
      • App’s use of information received, and App’s transfer of information to any other app, from Google APIs will adhere to Google’s Limited Use Requirements.
    • Terms of service?

      General conditions

      1. The use of this Web space is subject to full acceptance by the User of these General Conditions of Use, or of those that are in force at each time the user accesses it.
      2. Only access to this site is allowed, as well as its use for lawful purposes, at all times adjusting its use to these General Conditions, the law applicable at all times, as well as morals, good customs and public order. The company reserves the right to withdraw access to this site, without prior notice, to any user who contravenes the provisions of this legal notice, as well as to inform the competent authorities of carrying out activities that could be constitutive of crime.
      3. The company reserves the unilateral right to modify at any time the present General Conditions of Use, as well as any other general or particular conditions of its Web page. It also reserves the right to modify at any time the presentation, configuration and location of the Website, as well as the contents and conditions required to use them.
      4. The User acknowledges that access to this site is made under his free consent and is his sole responsibility.
      5. Apps Square SL, reserves the right to inform the competent Authority of any other use that may violate its interests or rights or may constitute a crime.
      6. Apps Square SL reserves the right to terminate this Web service at any time without further requirement apart from notice in these conditions 15 days in advance.

      Disclaimer of Liability

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      2. By accepting these General Conditions, the user submits to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Spain and Europe, to resolve any dispute related to the previous section.
    • How do I delete one of my leads?

      To delete a lead you just need to archive the card. You can archive it one by one or archive all the cards in one list. Archived items will disappear from your board but will show up on your search results making it possible to unarchive a card at any time. In the board menu there is an option to see all the archived cards in a board. From there you can unarchive also any item. If for some reason you want to permanently delete a lead, you can do so by using the "Delete" option that is available on any archived card.

    • Crmble Teams FAQs

    • What are Crmble Teams?

      Crmble Teams is the way you let your Crmble boards work together seamlessly. You can group as many boards as you want from different Trello Workspaces.

    • My Crmble board is already part of a Trello Workspace, do I still need to create a Crmble Team?

      Crmble Teams is a totally different feature to Trello's Workspaces While both are a way of grouping boards together, Trello Workspaces relates to your Trello payment subscription and core Trello features, whereas Crmble Teams are a way to let your Crmble boards work together seamlessly and makes Crmble Fields compatible across boards that belong to the same Crmble Team.

    • How do I invite a Trello user to my Crmble Team?

      Just invite the user to any board that belongs to the desired Crmble team.

    • How many boards can be added to a Crmble Team?

      There are no limits! Have as many boards on your team as you want.

    • How many Crmble Teams can I have?

      No limits! Create as many teams as you like.

    • How do I delete someone from my Crmble Team?

      You have to delete the user from every Trello board that belongs to a Crmble Team. To check all the boards that belong to a Team please access any board that belongs to the Team, open Crmble and click on the team menu item in the lower part of Crmble’s main menu. From there you can access all the boards that belong to the team and remove the user form all of them.

    • Who can create a new Crmble Team?

      The person who added the Crmble Power-Up to a board is the only one who can create and set the team. For instance, on a new board, anyone can add Crmble and set up the team. For an existing board, only the user who added Crmble to the board will be able to set the team.

    • How do I add a board to an existing Crmble Team?

      Only the administrator of a Crmble Team can add new boards. (The Administrator is the person who created the Crmble team). For any Crmble powered Trello boards that were created before the Crmble teams rollout, only the user that is the admin of the Trello board and added the Crmble Power-Up is able to add the board to any existing Crmble team of which the user is an administrator.

    • Can I move a board from one Crmble Team to another?

      Not directly, but you can use a workaround. Copy the board you want to move, and once you open Crmble on the copied board, you’ll be able to add it to an existing Crmble Team or to a new one. You need to be admin of the Trello board to copy the board and be an admin of any existing Crmble Team you want to move the board to.

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      for signing up!

      Check your inbox and confirm your Email address to make sure you don’t miss any future Crmble updates!