Crmble FAQs


What is Crmble?

Crmble is a Trello Power-Up that turns any board into a powerful yet easy to use CRM system that makes customer relationship management a piece of cake.

Where can I find Crmble?

You can find Crmble in Trello’s Power-Up Market listed under Sales & Support category.

Do I need Trello for using Crmble?

Absolutely yes. Need a Trello account? It’s free! Sign up for Trello here

Where can I use Crmble?

Right now, you can only use Crmble with Trello on the Google Chrome browser.

Crmble will soon work on Windows&Mac Trello’s desktop app, and also be fully compatible with other browsers such as Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

Is Crmble free?

Yes. Crmble is free including all functionalities to manage up to 150 Crmble cards.

Please check Crmble’s upgrade plans.

What is a Crmble card?

A Crmble card is a Trello card that uses at least one Crmble Field. Only Crmble cards will show up on reports.

Do I need a Trello  paid plan to use Crmble?

No, it is not necessary. With Trello basic you can add 1 Power-up per board to fully use Crmble. Upgrade to a higher plan is only needed if you want to use Crmble combined with other Power-Ups.

Do I need a new Trello board to use Crmble?

No, it is not necessary. You can add Crmble Power-Up to any board you are currently using. Please note though that Crmble will ask you to add its default layout of 6 lists to your board.

How do I install Crmble?

Installing Crmble is very easy. You just need a Trello account and add our Power-Up to a board.
Wether you have already a Trello account or not, you can use this link Add Crmble to Trello

Are there any Crmble Templates I can use?

Absolutely! We have a public template (CRM & Sales Pipeline) where you will find our Sales Pipeline Layout already created with Crmble’s Power-Up already added. Check it out…

Crmble’s Template – CRM & Sales Pipeline

How do i get started using Crmble?

Using Crmble is very easy. Once you add Crmble to your board, our quick setup guide will pop up to get you started in a few minutes.

Check out our Get Started video

Why do I need to Authorize Crmble?

Crmble is a powerful tool that turns your Trello board into an easy to use CRM system, but with great power comes great responsibility (as uncle Ben used to say). In order to let Crmble do its thing and add all those nice functionalities to your board, we need to make some complex API connections between Trello and third party services (such as Google or Facebook) under the hood. In fact, any Power-Up based on API connections that adds new functionalities to your Trello cards or lists will ask you to authorize.

The way Trello is designed, whenever you add a Power-Up, you decide on which board you want to add it to. Authorizing, on the other hand, is made on a user level. This means that once you authorize a Power-Up, as long as you don’t remove personal settings, you can enable or disable it from your boards without being asked to every single time. Also note that authorizing a Power-Up doesn’t mean it’s going to access al your boards. You need to add the Power-Up manually to every board on which you want to use it.

Trello takes its users security and privacy very seriously and any Power-Up needs to pass Trello’s audit before it gets approved to go public on its market place, and so did we.

Once Crmble is added to a board, a quick setup guide shows up asking you to authorize first. This Pop-Up will also appear if you click on the “Get Started!” button.

Alternatively you can authorize the Power-Up in the Board menu → Crmble → Authorize.

How do I add the lists/sales pipeline to Crmble?

During Crmble’s quick setup wizard, you will be asked to add our default sales pipeline layout. If for some reason you close our wizard, don’t worry, you can add those lists at any time clicking on Crmble’s button (on the upper right corner of your board). Go to settings and click on “Add default layout”. Done!

How do I connect my Google account?

One of Crmble’s main feature is the ability to connect with your Trello board with your Google account our even G Suite account. Once connected, Crmble lets you sync any card with Google Contacts, Gmail and Google Drive.

Connecting your board with Google Sheets or Google Forms to get automatically new lead is currently under development and will be added in the next update.

To connect your Google Account, click on Crmble’s button (on the upper right corner of your board) and go to Toppings. Choose Google and click on the “Sign in with Google button”. Follow the authorization process by giving permission in every step and that’s it. Simple!

Why do I have to give Crmble so many Google account permissions?

Crmble offers many nice ways to integrate your Trello board information and activity with your Google account and services. In order to be able to create and modify Contacts or sync card attachments to your Google drive, Crmble need to get permission by the user through Googles OAuth process. Google does not offer the possibility to ask just for “create” and/or “change” permissions alone. It automatically includes “delete” permission when “create” and “modify” permissions are requested. Crmble doesn’t use delete permission and will never do. Crmble only reads from, and/or creates info on your Google account as its only purpose is to integrate services.

How do I sync with Google Contact/Drive?

Crmble adds some extra custom fields to your cards that makes it possible to store data in a more organized and consistent way, but most importantly, these Crmble fields are a perfect way to connect services to share data. Whenever you connect a Google account, data stored in those Crmble fields or card attachments can be synced to your google account.
Use the Google Sync button in your cards to choose wether you want to create a contact from your Crmble filed data or copy your card attachments to your Google Drive. Crmble will automatically create tags in contacts and conveniently named Google Drive folders to help you keep things under control.

How does Gmail Tracker work?

If you connect your Google account with Crmble, you can use the Google Sync button in your cards to create new Google contacts from your Crmble fields information. As soon as Crmble detects a new Google contact with an email address, every email you receive from that client and any mail you send or reply will show up in form of a comment with a short snippet of the mal body. This way you can have a quick follow up of your communication directly in your Trello card.

The comment includes a link to access to the actual gmail message. Please note that that you need to be logged with your Gmail account on your default browser in order to see the full message.

Gmail tracker is ON by default and for the moment active on every card with a client email address that has been synced with Google Contacts. You can disable this function by going to Toppings -> Google and disable the Gmail functionality.

Can I add labels to my Trello cards?

Yes of course! You can use any Trello functionality with Crmble. In the near future, Crmble will add to the dashboard some nice label features and information on how to use labels with Crmble in a clever and productive way.

Can I add more lists as touch points of my Sales pipeline?

Yes, you can add more lists to your board, although for the moment, new lists will show up only in Crmble’s report ring graph. For now, only the default layout lists  are taken in to account in Crmble’s funnel graph.

We are working hard to update Crmble very soon with some nice options to manage the lists your way.

I added some lists but they are not showing up in the dashboard?

At the moment Crmble is not showing the information of other lists different than the ones added by Crmble Power-Up. In the near future Crmble will include this functionality and new added lists will be shown in the dashboard.

Can I connect more than one Google account?

No. At the moment it is not possible to connect more than one account per board. This functionality will be included in future updates.

Can I connect more than one facebook account?

Yes. Every time you are connecting Crmble with a Facebook form you can do it with a different account.

How many Facebook forms can I connect with Crmble?

You cannot connect more than 10 facebook forms at the same time. For connecting more please choose one of our Crmble paid plans.

How do I connect a Facebook form?

Click on Crmble (on the upper right corner o your Trello board).

Go to Toppings -> Facebook -> Login with Facebook

Select a Facebook page you manage. Then select any Facebook Leads Ad you are running with that page.

for signing up!

Check your inbox and confirm your Email address to make sure you don’t miss any future Crmble updates!