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Toppings are the perfect way to add more interesting features to Crmble. You can easily integrate new third party services that will speed up your workflow and hugely increase your productivity.

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Gmail Topping muffin running with Gmail envelope in his hand
Updated! Topping
Use any type of email account
Follow up on your Gmail conversations without leaving your Crmble board
Send mails directly from your card and get short snippets of your mails in your Trello card activity.
Crmble muffin flying with Zapier Superpower in its hand
Unleash Zapier's Superpowers and connect almost any app to Crmble

Slack, PandaDoc, Squarespace, GMail, Mailchimp, JotForm… You name it

Crmble muffin juggling with Google Form and Trello cards
Google Forms
Connect your forms and Trello the easy way

Every new form entry will automatically show up as a new lead in your sales pipeline.

Typeform Topping Crmble Muffin
Easely connect your Typeform surveys and forms with Crmble

Manage your form responses in your sales funnel

Google Sync!
Start syncing your Trello card data with your Google account

Create on demand a Google Contact from any Trello card or save your card attachments to your Google Drive.

Facebook Leads
Connect your Facebook Lead Ads to your sales board

Add new Facebook Lead Ads responses to your Trello board automatically.

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