Privacy Conditions

  1. The purpose of the App is to improve the Trello functionality, as a PowerUp, to become a small CRM with clients information.
  2. This Trello PowerUp will maintain in Sync the Trello Card Contact Data in Google Contacts, Card Attachments in Google Drive, import Google Sheets generated data to read emails of users Gmail account inbox and send mailboxes.

    For this reasons the App will request User Access to:

    • The OpenID (ID and Email) for identifying the user itself in our service.
    • The Google Contacts API, for updating and creating (not deleting) Google Contacts from the Trello Card data.
    • The Google Drive API, for storing the Trello Card Attachments (not deleting).
    • Google Sheets API, for reading content of new created rows (not modifying or deleting).
    • Google Gmail API, for reading inbox and send mail boxes in order to add message snippets to Trello cards (not modifying or deleting)
  3. Additional Limits on Use of Your Google User Data: Notwithstanding anything else in this Privacy Policy, if you provide the App access to the following types of your
    Google data, the App’s use of that data will be subject to these additional restrictions:

    • The App will not use this Google data for serving advertisements, or using it in any other manner than the App functionality itself.
    • The App will only use access to read, write, modify, or control the Google Contact information to sync the Contact Data from our App to this Google Contact account.
    • The App will only use access to read, write, modify, or control the Google Drive information to sync the Contact Attachments from our App to this Google Drive account.
    • The App will not store any Google Information, only the OAuth2 Refresh Token and the Google Account ID and email for identifying the user.
    • The Google Contact and Google Drive data will be stored in the final embedded Trello PowerUp as Card data.
    • The App will ask for permission to access Google Sheets API in order to read (not modify or delete) only the spreadsheets chosen by the user in order to get new rows and create new Trello cards.
    • The App will ask for permission to access Google Gmail API in order to read (not modify or delete) mails of users received and send mailboxes to copy mail messages snippets to Trello cards.
  4. App’s use of information received, and App’s transfer of information to any other app, from Google APIs will adhere to Google’s Limited Use Requirements.
  5. You can manage your Google connections and permissions of third party apps at

Crmble's Facebook Topping integration

When you connect one of your Facebook Page lead ad form to your Trello board vie Crmble’s out of the box Facebook Topping integration, you give Crmble permission to connect to you Facebook Page Lead Ad Form via Crmble’s Facebook App.
  • Crmble will store a user ID and a token during the sign up and Facebook user authentication process.
  • Crmble will receive your name and profile picture. This doesn’t let Crmble post to Facebook without your permission.
  • Crmble will also store information about the Facebook Page/s you created your Facebook Ad Forms on and information of the form/s you finally connect to Crmble.
  • By connecting your Facebook account with Crmble, Crmble will receive ongoing access to the information you share and Facebook will record when Crmble accesses it.

Sharing Information with Business Integrations

When you log into a business integration with Facebook:

The business integration will be able to continue accessing the information you’ve shared with it. For example, if you use a business integration to manage your Pages, it is able to access posts so it’s up-to-date when you log in.

You can review or change the information you share with business integrations and what you allow them to manage in your Business Integrations settings.

These settings are different from audience selector settings that control who can see your content on Facebook.

Business integrations may request access to the information you’ve shared from Facebook. These requests are automatically logged by our systems and are not controlled by your device settings.

For Crmble’s database Facebook integrations data deletion request please fill out the following form and submit it to

for signing up!

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