Crmble Pricing: Flexible solutions for your business needs

At Crmble, we believe in providing our users with a pricing structure that not only fits their budget but also adapts to their evolving requirements. Our flexible pricing model empowers you to harness the full potential of Crmble without any financial constraints. Whether you’re a small team or a large enterprise, we’ve got a plan that suits you perfectly.

What is a Crmble Team?

When you’re working individually or as part of a group, installing Crmble on a Trello board initiates the creation of a new ‘Crmble Team.’ The Trello user who installs Crmble is designated as the ‘Owner’ of this Crmble Team.

For example, if the Trello user’s name is ‘Julia_Teller,’ the Crmble Team will automatically be named ‘Julia_Teller’s Crmble Team.’ To change your name use three dots button in the upper right corner of the “Users” tab. To access your Crmble Team area just open Crmble and click on your Trello user avatar in the bottom left corner of Crmble’s main menu.

This team functions similarly to a Trello Workspace, serving as an organized unit within which you can efficiently manage both users and boards. Essentially, your Crmble Team becomes the central point for overseeing your Crmble user licenses and boards.

Experience Crmble with a 21-Day Free Trial

Once you create your Crmble Team your 21-days free trial starts. During this trial period, you’ll have access to all our features and functionalities, so you can truly explore how Crmble can elevate your business processes.

Not sure where to begin?

No problem! Get Started with a Personalized Demo. You can schedule a demo with our expert team to kickstart your Crmble journey. We’ll guide you through the platform, showcase its capabilities, and help you set up your Crmble Team for maximum efficiency.

Licensing Made Easy

With Crmble, licenses function as seats, and you can activate one Crmble Team at a time with a specific number of licenses. These licenses are incredibly versatile—swappable between Trello users within your Crmble Team. This flexibility means you can adjust your licenses as needed, whether you’re scaling up or down.

To assign licenses to users, ensure they have access to at least one board within your Crmble Team and have authorized the Crmble Power-Up. Users will appear in the list once these criteria are met.

User Access Control

Users with assigned licenses enjoy full access to Crmble features on boards within your Crmble Team. But here’s the beauty of it: you’re not automatically charged for inviting new users to your boards. You have the freedom to choose the number of licenses/seats that suit your workflow.

User roles

  • Owner: This is the Trello user who has installed and created the Crmble Team. The Owner does not need a license assigned to access the Crmble Team management area. As an Owner, you can modify Crmble settings, assign licenses, export/import information, and change any user’s role. Please note that each team can have only one Owner. This role cannot be altered by any other user role. If you need to change the Owner, please contact our support chat for assistance.
  • Admin: An Admin has similar privileges to the Owner, including the ability to alter Crmble settings, assign licenses, and manage the Crmble Team area. However, unlike the Owner, an Admin must have a license assigned to access these features.
  • User: Users have basic access rights. They can view and interact with Crmble but have limited capabilities compared to the Owner and Admin. A User can create or import data into Crmble, but cannot modify settings or manage licenses.

Adding Boards Seamlessly

Once you’ve activated your Crmble Team, you can effortlessly add an unlimited number of boards to it. Simply install the Crmble Power-Up and select your active Crmble Team when prompted. There’s no need to worry about limitations when it comes to board creation. You can fully use Crmble on a Trello free plan and install it on any board of any Trello Workspaces, paid or free combined. Trello’s pricing works independent from Crmble pricing.  Please read Trello’s documentation about workspaces and pricing plans and how are users counted towards billing.

Flexibility at Its Core

Crmble doesn’t impose a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s entirely compatible with users who interact with standard Trello functionality while others access the additional Crmble data. It’s about adapting to your unique business needs seamlessly.

Shared Contact Database

Collaboration is key, and with Crmble, your contact database is shared across all boards within your Crmble Team. This means you can effortlessly link contacts to cards and create various pipelines and deals, streamlining your CRM process.

Explore Our Pricing Plans

Now that you have a glimpse of how Crmble’s pricing model works, you might be wondering about the specifics. We’ve got you covered! To find detailed information about our pricing options, including monthly and yearly plans in various currencies, visit our Pricing page. There, you’ll discover a plan that aligns perfectly with your business goals.

Have questions or need assistance?

Our dedicated support team is always ready to help. Feel free to reach out—we’re here to make your CRM experience exceptional.

Welcome to Crmble, where your success is our priority!