About us...

We are a group of entrepreneurs from several areas formed by engineers and designers. When planning teams and managing projects we find in Trello an adaptable tool to any scenario, and we use it to organize our work.

We have increased the usefulness of Trello by including third-party services and we have also automated processes to make our daily work easier, having a wider control of the company’s situation.

When showing our inner improvement to fellow companies from other sectors, we found they wanted us to help them implement this same system.

As we move forward in our business we find the need of an easier and improved CRM, more flexible, modular and achievable.

This need, the demand of the companies around us and our love for programming lead us to create Crmble.

We have a clear vision of how a CRM has to be. We want to provide the users with a tool that fits their personal needs by creating a CRM that includes all the services they use.

Crmble is the first Power-Up that turns Trello into a powerful yet easy to use CRM system.