Tailored Solutions & Expert Consultancy

Every business has its unique set of challenges and requirements. That’s why we offer more than just a powerful tool. Our expert consultancy and tailor-made solutions are designed to assist your transition from spreadsheets or any other platform to crmble, ensuring a smooth and efficient migration.
Our commitment extends to developing bespoke features that align perfectly with your business goals and processes. 

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Let's meet

free 30 to 45 min. call

  • Who Are You?

    Understanding your business and mission
  • What Do You Need?

    Identifying your needs and requirements.
  • Does Crmble fit?

    Assessing product fit and alignment.
  • Closing & Next Steps

    Summarizing the discussion and outlining subsequent actions.

Take off meeting

Free 15 to 20 min. call

  • What is the plan?

  • Deadlines

  • Do we need special developments?


  • Understanding your data

    Analyzing and comprehending your existing data structure, format, and content.
  • Relevant insights

    Safely transferring and importing the client’s data into the Crmble system.
  • Customizing Crmble

    Modifying and configuring Crmble’s fields to align with your data and operational needs.
  • Crmble licensing

    Managing and allocating Crmble licenses to your team members based on their roles and access requirements.
  • Delivery


4 to 8 hours depending on the size of the team

  • Let’s meet the team

    Group webinar sessions

  • Documentation

    tep-by-Step User Action Guide

Ready to start?

Simply schedule a meeting. No payment required and no commitment on your part.

Consultancy pricing

Our consultancy service detailed above is offered at a fixed price of $1,500*, providing a complete package to transition your business seamlessly to crmble. For those requiring specialized, tailor-made solutions, these will be budgeted separately to cater to your specific business needs and goals.
* Taxes applied in your country not included.

Let's do it!