Crmble Contacts takes contact management in Trello to a whole new level. All your contacts are now in an independent database that you can access from any board in your Crmble Team. Simply add a contact to a card to create a deal. Use the same contact on multiple cards or add multiple contacts to a single deal and specify their role.


Crmble Fields, Contacts and Deals

When you install Crmble in your Trello board, you start with a predefined set of Crmble Fields. 

Crmble Fields are divided into two tabs:

  • Contact fields: They define the contact form and should strictly contain details only relevant to the contact, such as Name, email, phone, address, etc.
    Contacts can be linked to multiple cards across multiple boards of your Crmble Team.
  • Deal Fields: Related to what the card represents in your use case. Includes by default a deal creation date (Creation date), deal generation channel info (Source) and deal value. 

What is a deal in Crmble?

To put it simple a deal is a Trello card with a contact attached. The first contact you add to the card generates the deal and becomes the primary contact.

You can add more contacts to a deal that are related to it. These contacts are considered secondary to the primary contact.

Note: Currently, the functions for sending emails or creating a contact in a Google account are only available for the primary contact.

To create a new deal click on the “+ Add a card” button you’ll find at the bottom of any Trello list. Open the card and fill out some contact details. Save the new contact and your new deal is ready. Your newly created contact has been added to your contacts database and is ready to be reused in any board of your Crmble Team.

Alternatively, if you have already created some contacts, you can use the “Add from my contacts” button to create a deal instead of creating one form scratch. 

To turn your cards into deals, please make sure the lists on your board are connected with Crmble in the Settings/Crmble Lists tab.

Add more Crmble Fields to suit your needs in the Settings/Crmble Fields tab.

Note: Filling out the "Name" is the minimum requisite to create a contact.

When you add a new contact or an existing one to a card, the card becomes a deal.  The set of Deal fields that are available and active in your board will be available right below the contact details.

If you have already imported o created some contacts in the Contacts section,  you can use the “Add from my contacts” button to search for an existing one and link it to the card.

A deal can be anything depending on your use case. It can be a deal in a CRM or Sales Pipeline management board or it can represent a job application on an Hire & Recruitment board. Regardless of what you manage with Crmble the important thing to keep in mind is that every time you add a contact to a card in your board, Crmble will create a new deal record in your board database. You can manage your deals in the “Deals” section inside Crmble and get useful insights of your deals in the Report section. 

  • Contacts database includes all the contact fields and information of the deals generated by the contact.  The contacts listing is available on a Crmble Team level which makes it possible to reuse contacts in multiple cards across all the boards of your Crmble Team.
  • Deal/Cards database is available on a board level. Every entry includes the set of contact and deal fields, plus other Trello elements such as labels, members and Trello card link to name a few. This database is specific to each board and accessible in a classic table view in Crmble’s deal section.

Import/Export contacts

You can import a CSV or Excel file to populate your contact database. Do not mistake “Contact Import” with “Deal Import”. Contact import will only populate your contact database that will be available in all the boards across your Crmble Team, while Deal Import will create a contact and a deal/card in the board where you execute the deal import. Because contacts import do not involve any Trello card creation, it is the better option to import a high amount of contacts. In fact thousands of contacts in one go, no limitation here.

If you plan to use the deal import option, please bear in mind that there are some limitations regarding the amount of items you can import at a time. Because lead import involves a Trello card creation for every imported registry, the creation time is considerably higher. Also keep in mind that although Trello should be able to deal with a maximum of 5000 cards per board, we discourage you to import more than 500 cards at a time and try to keep the number of cards under 2000 per board to avoid slow downs or performance issues. Rendering thousands of cards affect dramatically performance so pelease archive periodically cards.

Delete contacts in bulk

You can delete a single contact or multiple contacts using the table view. Because every deal in Crmble depend on a main contact linked to a card to exist, there are some considerations you need to take into account before you start deleting contacts.

Deleting a contact that is linked to one or more cards across the boards of your Crmble Team, will also delete the deal. Although the Trello cards with its activity, labels and the rest of Trello elements will remain in the boards, the deal Crmble fields data will be gone and this action cannot be reverted. Adding a contact to the remaining Trello cards will not recover the previous deal data.

To avoid unwanted deal deletion, please make sure you unlink the contact from the deal cards. Use the “switch contact” option you’ll find when editing a contact from a card before you delete the contact.

Here's a summary of all the features included with Crmble Contacts

  • Contacts are in an independent database available on a Crmble team level. A contact  can be linked to multiple cards in different boards inside your Crmble Team.
  • In the Contacts section you can search your contacts directory by Name, Surname, Phone, Email or Company.
  • Update your contact from one place
  • Keep track of on how many deal cards a contact is linked to across your Crmble Team.
  • Contact Fields are in a separate set of fields. Deal Fields are relative to the cards in your board and Contact Fields are relative to the contact linked to the cards.
  • When creating new Crmble Fields you can now choose whether the new field is a Contact or a Deal field.
  • Access any Crmble section directly from your card back view.
  • There are now active buttons next to every contact detail to call, send mails or open an external link.
  • Crmble Toppings third party integrations like Gmail, Contacts or Google Drive are now accessible directly from the new contact card

Contacts FAQs

  • How do I export Contacts?

    Head over to Contacts and make sure you are in table view (use the upper right slider to switch between single contact view and table view). Then select two or more contacts using the checkboxes at the start of each contact row. To select all contacts please use the upper left checkbox of the contacts table. Once multiple contacta have been selected, click on the "Actions" button to access the export options (CSV or Excel).

  • How do I sync with Google Contacts?

    With the Google Sync Topping, you can create Google Contacts from contacts created in Crmble.

    Here's how it works:

    1. Google Account Integration: Access the Topping section and register your Google Account.
    2. Contact Mapping: You can easily add any Crmble Contact to your Google account using the Google Contact icon on the Contact's card within Crmble.
    3. Mobile Visibility: Once added, you'll see these contacts on any device that uses this Google account, complete with information about which board they belong to and the associated deals.

    This function is handy to populate other devices with Crmble Contact information. We recommend using a clean, free Google Account to have everything controlled and separated. Installing this account to any device and activating the Contact feature will gain access to Crmble contact information from your device’s Contact address book.

    Important Considerations:

    This method only syncs from Crmble to Google, meaning that changes made to your contacts in Google won't update in Crmble automatically.

    If you update contact information within Crmble, you'll need to manually refresh the contact in Google by clicking the "Update Contact" button; it won't update automatically.

    The sync is one-way and doesn't support bulk contact creation in Google Contacts; you can only create contacts one at a time from Crmble.

    There's no automatic bidirectional sync between your mobile device's contacts and Crmble.

    To import existing mobile contacts into Crmble, you'll need to export them as a CSV or Excel file, then use the import function within Crmble's Contacts or Deals to bring them in.

    Please note that when you connect a Google account that already contains contacts to Crmble, creating a new contact in Crmble based on an imported contact from that Google account may result in duplicates in your Google Contacts.

    The Google Sync Topping only translates these fields:

    • Name
    • Surname
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Job Title
    • Company
    • Birthday
    • Notes
    • Links to the Crmble Leads/Deals the contact is linked with

    Any additional custom fields that you add to your Crmble Contacts fields won't be synced with Google Contacts. Any type of info you'd like to sync should be added to the "Notes" field. Please bear in mind that the purpose of this Topping is to create contacts in a Google account to access them from any device that uses that same Google account. We include links to the lead/deals cards for quick access to Trello cards.

  • Can I create deals in bulk?

    Yes, in addition to importing deals, you can create deals from a selection of one or multiple contacts using Crmble's contacts section table view.

    1. Open Crmble and head to the contacts section.
    2. Make sure you are in the contacts table view (top right view switcher).
    3. Check a contact for one deal creation or multiple selections of contacts.
    4. Click the upper right "Action" button to access "Create deals".
    5. Step 1: Select the list you want no deals to be created in. Define how you want new cards to be named using Crmble Fields variable mapping. If nothing is specified, new deals will be named according to the main contact Name + Surname field data.
    6. Add specific members or labels to the deals
    7. Step 2: Define deal fields
    8. Click on "Create deals" and wait for Crmble to create new deal cards.

  • How do I create a new contact?

    There are two places from which you can create a new contact:

    • From a new card: Using the “Create contact” button.
    • From Crmble's contact section: Using the “Create contact” button.

      Your contact will be available on a Crmble Team level and available from any board in your Crmble Team.

    • If I disable Crmble or I delete my Crmble personal settings, do my contacts also get deleted?


    • If I permanently delete a board of my Crmble Team, do my contacts also get deleted?


    • How do I delete a contact?

      Open Crmble and go to the contact menu. Search for the contact and click the trashcan icon to delete it. If the trashcan icon is not active, it’s because you can only delete contacts that are not linked to any card of any board in your Crmble Team. You can check on the right column of the contact section the list of leads a contact is linked with. You can replace the main contact of a lead using the "Switch" that you can access by clicking the pencil icon to edit the contact from the back of the Trello card.

    • If I delete or archive a card, does the contact linked to that card also get deleted?

      No. The contact database is independent from the leads/cards database.

    • What is the minimum requirement to create a new contact?

      You can create a new contact just by filling out the name field.

    • Import Contacts VS import Deals

      The contacts section is Crmble's address book. When you create a contact or import contacts you don't generate any Trello cards on your board. Contacts are available on a Crmble Team level, meaning they will be reachable from any board that has been added to your Crmble Team. You can import contacts by heading to the contacts section and selecting the Import option by clicking on the "three-dots" action button. An import field mapping screen will pop up. Select your import file (CSV or Excel) and map the contact fields with their corresponding source file column names. Once you are don, click on import and wait for the process to finish. Once done, all imported contacts will be available to add them to cards and generate deals. Learn more about contacts
      The deals section shows in a table view all the deals you have created on your board. To create a deal, create a Trello card on a list first. Make sure the list has been connected with Crmble so that the "Add from my contacts" button is available in the crmble section when you open the card. Use the "Add from my contacts" option to pick an existing contact or create one from scratch by filling out the new contact details and clicking on the "Save new contact" button. Once you are done, the contact card and the deal fields will appear. Your deal has been created.
      When you import deals, you create a new contact for each new imported deal and also a card on your Trello board. Please note that Trello only allows the creation of 1000 cards at a time. To import deals, please head to the "Deals" section and select the "Import" option by clicking on the "Action" button that you'll find in the upper right corner of the screen. As with contacts, a mapping screen will pop up. Select your import file (CSV or Excel) and map the contact and deal fields with their corresponding source file column names. Once you are done, you'll see a preview of all registries you are about to import. Click on import and wait for the process to finish. Please note that this can take some time due to the card creation involved in the process. Wait for the import progressing bar to complete. Learn more about deals