Crmble's Email Integration

Do more email stuff from within Crmble. Connect multiple accounts. Check your inbox without leaving Crmble and create templates that you can use across your Crmble powered Trello boards and share them with your team.

Table of contents

Connecting multiple Email accounts

Upon accessing the new Email section, you’ll find the ability to connect multiple accounts to Crmble – one account per Crmble Team user, plus a total of 2 shared accounts for the team. This highly requested feature since our Gmail integration’s inception is sure to delight many of you.

Current User Note: All previously connected accounts are set as shared accounts. However, please note that, upon disconnection, Crmble is limited to setting a total of 2 shared accounts.

  • 1 Personal Account: Easy to set up, with one connection button per available email slot. The first account you connect is your personal account, visible only to you.
  • 2 Shared Accounts: Admins can connect two accounts to share with the team, offering granular control over access.
  • Connected Accounts Control: Admins can manage personal accounts, disconnecting them as needed to accommodate team changes.

Email threads

Crmble effortlessly searches your Email inbox to gather all the conversations related to each deal. As long as the primary contact information for a deal includes an email address, Crmble will diligently explore your inbox to find and compile these conversations. Conveniently access them in the all-new Email tab, located within your deal cards.

The Email tab provides a comprehensive view of all relevant email conversations, allowing you to seamlessly continue your discussions using pre-defined templates. Whether you need to reply, reply-all, or forward messages, or compose new messages from scratch, Crmble’s visual message editor makes the process a breeze. You’ll have the flexibility to insert variables, capture template texts, and access everything you need, precisely where you need it, with all deal details readily available at your fingertips. 

Email tracking

By activating the “Email activity comments” feature, every time a message is sent or received a a comment will be generated on your card activity showing a snippet of sent and received messages. The comment also includes links to the original message in your Gmail platform. You can use these comments for Trello automation purposes. Please note that the Trello user that creates the comment has no relation with the Email account that has created the message. Crmble can only use existing users on the board to generate these comments. 
You can activate or deactivate this option for every connected account individually.

Connect other type of email accounts to Crmble via Gmail

The email feature is currently limited Gmail or Google Workspace accounts, but using the “Send mail as” option available within Gmail’s settings, you can add up to 99 additional accounts to send mail from or send mails as all sorts of non-Gmail accounts such as Microsoft Outlook, custom domain accounts or Yahoo, just to name a few.

Follow the steps below to add more accounts to Gmail or visit Google’s “Send mail as” configuration help page.

  1. Open Gmail and make sure to sign-in with the same Gmail account connected to the Gmail Topping in Crmble.
  2. Head to settings using the gear icon in the upper right corner. Then click on the “see all settings option”.
  3. Open the “Accounts and import” tab where you’ll find the “Send mail as” section.
  4. There you can add your account by filling out the email account and password. Please refer to the email account service provider to get detailed information about the SMTP server name and port number.
  5. Once the connection has been established correctly, Gmail will send a confirmation email with a code to make sure you have access to the account.
  6. Copy the code and paste it into Gmail’s confirmation field.
Ready! Now when you use the Gmail button in any Crmble lead card, a new selection field will be available in the mail composer that will let you select any other email address connected with Gmail.

Check email from other accounts

If you want Crmble to keep track of the replies send to other accounts connected to Gmail, you need to activate also the so called “Check email from other accounts” option right below the previous setting in Gmail. The process is very simple and requires just a few steps as described below or visit Google’s check mail from other accounts help page.

  1. On your computer, sign in to the Gmail account you want to import to.
  2. In the top right, click Settings Settings and then See all settings.
  3. Click the Accounts and import tab.
  4. In the “Check mail from other accounts” section, click Add a mail account.
  5. Type the email address of the other account, then click Next.
  6. Make a selection and click Next.
  7. Type your password.
  8. Recommended: Check the boxes next to the options below:
    “Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail”
    “Label incoming messages”
    Leave the other boxes unchecked.
  9. Click Add Account.

Gmail signatures

Gmail includes a nice signature creator that lets you predefine what signature to use by default with any email account connected to Gmail. Additional “Send mail as” accounts are supported too. With this new update, Crmble will capture the default signature you have configured in Gmail. A small signature preview is also available in Crmble’s email composer.

Visit Googles help page to learn all about how to create signatures or set default signatures for “Send mail as” accounts connected to Gmail.

Email Templates

Life is too short to spend it constantly typing the same text over and over again. 

If you find yourself sending the same kind of emails to your contacts, you can use Crmble Email Templates. A template is a pre-built email that you can select and also edit before you send it.

You already have some email templates available, but new ones are easy peasy to set up.

Use the switch toggle to activate the ones you’d like to use.

Create your own templates

Customizing your messages is a breeze with Crmble. You have the flexibility to style them exactly the way you envision them. Add captivating lists, captivating images and useful links, or even include humorous gifs to add a touch of fun. The possibilities are endless! Let your creativity shine and tailor your messages to perfection.

To access your templates head to the Gmail Topping located under Toppings. Within this section, you’ll find an overview of your current templates. Feel free to modify existing templates or create new ones according to your preferences. 

Using variables in templates and mails

You can insert data of your deal details or contacts into your messages editor or personalize your templates by inserting shortcodes.  Just type a hash symbol “#” and a list of all the available Crmble Fields will pop up. Every time you use the template, all the shortcodes will be replaced by the Crmble Fields content of the lead you are sending the message from.

Sending email templates

Open a contact card and click the “Send Email”  button. The email message composer will pop up. Use the drop-down menu to select one of the activated templates.

You can edit the text or send the message straight away.