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Best Tools and Resources for Entrepreneurs

This post is a guest post from our friend Jeff Wickersham at the Morning Fire for Entrepreneurs Podcast. Jeff is the founder and creator of Morning Fire Coaching, which specializes in guiding clients to implement game-changing habits for more energy, focus, abundance, and time in their lives through the power of the morning routine. Keep reading as he shares his favorite tools and resources for entrepreneurs.

When I was starting out as an Entrepreneur 5 years ago, I had no idea of the way automation and technology tools could help grow my business.  I also had no idea how overwhelming that process could be to figure things out.  I hope to guide you down that process here and share my top tools and resources.  

Scheduling App

I use Calendly for all my scheduling needs, this app integrates with all major email providers and allows you to set custom schedules for each time of appointment or meeting. There is also the ability to send email and text reminders which is incredibly useful. Rather than play message tag, just drop your Calendly link into an email or chat and have who you are communicating with pick a time that works for you.

Meditation App

I’ve used Calm, Headspace and Insight Timer before but the one I prefer and have used for over 1,207 straight days of meditation is Insight Timer. You can search on the length of time you want to meditate, the subject or by the teacher. This is my go-to app to meditate and create space in my mind to be able to be at my peak mental state.


There is no better way to learn new strategies, get inspired and continue to develop as an entrepreneur as podcasts.  You can listen to these during your day while you are in the car, cooking breakfast, going for a walk and basically any time you have free.  If you fill your free time learning you will exponentially grow yourself and then in turn your business.  Two of my favorites are Marketing Secrets by Russell Brunson and Darren Daily On-Demand by Darren Hardy.  I also host my own podcast Morning Fire for Entrepreneurs where I give daily motivational tips 4 times a week and then interview an influential and inspiring Entrepreneur on Wednesdays.


I have used Fiverr for logo design, automation, book cover design and many other projects that I needed a professional to complete. It’s amazing when you bring a logo to life with animation how much more it can bring in an audience. Be sure to check out reviews on the contractors on the site but I have always had a great experience and I highly recommend it.


Trello is a project management tool that works well for keeping everything in one place. David Allen famously said, “The mind is for having ideas not holding them.” Trello holds all your ideas in cards that you can easily move around, add checklists and due dates and labels to, and organize in any fashion you want. It’s helpful for a variety of business tasks, such as keeping track of your goals, managing your contacts (with the Crmble power-up), and even putting together a pitch deck.

And one more bonus resource...

I am personally offering a free 20 minute -strategy session to any Entrepreneur in your network to break any bad habit that they know is preventing them from their ultimate success.  

Have other tools you recommend for entrepreneurs? Tweet at us (@_crmble) and we’ll share them!

More info about the author:

Jeff Wickersham is a sought-after high-performance coach who’s mantra is Rise, Fight, Love, Repeat … which is also the title of his #1 Best Selling Book – Rise, Fight, Love, Repeat – Ignite Your Morning Fire.

Jeff hosts the Morning Fire for Entrepreneurs podcast and was recently published in Authority Magazine.

Connect with Jeff on LinkedIn, Instagram, or his website.

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