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Teacher Trello Template

You might not think you need sales tools if you’re a teacher, and while that’s probably true, there’s more to Crmble than just a sales tool. 

Did you know Crmble is perfect for anyone who needs to manage contacts? For instance, if you’re a teacher and have students that you want to keep track of, Crmble is a perfect tool for making sure that you are able to manage all of your students and ensure they’re progressing through their classes as they should.

We have a lot of Crmble users in the education space, so we thought it would be helpful to show a few examples of how this could work. 

Check out our Teacher Trello Template board.

For setting up this board, we’re going to pretend we’re a teacher with students from the Parks and Recreation tv show. (If you haven’t seen it, we definitely recommend you check it out.) We have several classes and students in multiple classes, and we want to be able to keep track of each student’s files and records, as well and any action items to help them progress and perform as best they can.

Luckily, Crmble and Trello make this very easy to do.

1) Creating your Trello Board

To get started, just go to this link to copy the Trello Teacher Template. Once you copy it, you can rename it anything you like. Then head over to “Show Menu”, and click “Add Power-Up…” then search for “Crmble” and add it to your board!

That’s almost too easy. Now let’s configure the layout of the board.

2) Set up your Trello list layout​

Head over to your Crmble settings and you can configure your lists. Just click on the “Crmble Lists” section and add the names of the lists you want to add to your board. You can even select the colors those lists will be associated with in reports.
Crmble lists Settings view
Ideally you want to set up a list for each “stage” that you think a contact might go through. In this education example, a teacher might have new students, students that need a little help, students that are progressing (but not quite on track yet), and then students who are succeeding in a class. Now you have your board layout, you just need to add any custom fields for your students!

3) Set up any custom Crmble fields

With Crmble, out of the box, you’ll have access to certain fields for each contact (or student in this case). Name and email might be the most relevant. But you may want to attach additional information about the student to their card as well. For example, maybe you want to have their parent’s names or students attitude.

Teacher tracker customized Crmble Fields
Adding a custom Crmble field is easy. Just go to Crmble settings, then select “Crmble fields”, and “Add a new field”. Select the type and you’re good to go! You can even select which fields show up on the card preview so that you have the information accessible from the main board view without even having to click into the card.
Crmble Fields on card cover visualization

4) Add your students to your Trello board!

Now let’s start adding students to our board! Just create a new card and fill out the information from your students. 

Already have a list of your students in a spreadsheet? Don’t worry it’s easy to import a spreadsheet into your Trello board

Each card is a student. You can attach any files or Google Drive folders to the card. You can also add links to anything you might need.

5) Mix and match other Trello card features

Use Trello basic features, such as labels and checklists to complete your board. Labels are a great way to organize the classes that your students are in. Labels work great for filtering, because you can easily filter your board by a label. Want to see just the students in your algebra class? Go to search and click on that label. You can also use due dates as reminders for your next check in with students. If you schedule regular syncs with your students, you can use Butler automation to update the due date of a card at regular intervals. If you have specific action items from your follow ups with students, you can use checklists to keep track of action items.
Trello cards check lists screenshot

6) Keep in touch

If you think of something you need to communicate with your student (or their parent) while you’re in your Trello board, thanks to Crmble you don’t have to leave your board. If you have an email address in your Crmble field, you can connect Crmble to your gmail and send an email from your board!
Gmail send from Trello with Crmble Power-Up

Your turn!

Ready to get started? Just copy our Trello teacher template and take it for a spin! We’d love to see what you create. If you need any help getting set up, just use our contact our support link you’ll find at the bottom of  Crmble’s menu.

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