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Smash that WON button!

We are super excited to introduce our latest feature “WON/LOST”. This one will help you assess your wins, but most importantly, assess why you don’t close more deals.

When you open a card, you’ll find two new buttons in the leads section of your Crmble data. Just click on the “WON” button to mark the lead accordingly. Just that simple!
When you click the “LOST” button, you can select one of the available presets on why you didn’t close the deal. You can edit and customize this list of lost reasons in settings.
Lost reasons editor
Keeping a record on why you didn’t win leads is crucial to help you detect aspects to improve your sales process or make changes in your product or service pricing.
If you want to get into detail and be more specific, you can add custom notes to each lost deal.

Filter by WON/LOST

In the dashboard and lead section, a new switch filter is available to get quick insights on your wins and losses.

This update comes also with a couple of user interface improvements and some additional features worth mentioning:

Revamped filter options

Apart from the already mentioned latest and greatest WON/LOST quick filter switch, the rest of filter options have been moved to a new “Filter” button. This way any filter applied is immediately visible and switching them all off with one click is now possible by clicking on the button. To the previously available “filter by creation date”, “filter by member” or “filter by labels”, we’ve added a new option that we think is going to make make many of you very happy

🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁… say hello to: Show archived

This new filter option makes it possible to include in the dashboard and table reports all the archived cards. This is especially useful if you don’t want to clutter your board with older cards but still want to be able to check previous quarters or even years. All the other filters will obviously apply to the archived ones. If you think your board is getting slow because of too many cards, just archive them. Your hindsight reports are safe with the new “Show archived” feature.

The action button

All actions such as import or export are now available in the so called “Action” button.
New action button to import and export data

Import and Toppings include WON/LOST features

If you are migrating from another software or just want to import an older database or integrate other services with Crmble that includes WON/LOST statuses and lost reason, we got you covered as all the new WON/LOST feature fields are included in the mapping section of Crmble’s Import and Toppings.
Mapping fields form

Visuals and other improvements

  • WON/LOST badges in card front view
  • Revamped contact and lead card design
  • Icon library redesign
  • Contact and Lead fields settings are now split into two tabs
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

What’s next?

New reports and dashboard with more WON/LOST metrics are in the make and will be published very very soon. Did anyone say goals? Yes! “Goals” are just around the corner with unique charts to help you boost your sales.
Stay tuned for all the exciting updates that are yet to come.

We love your feedback. Please let us know in the support chat what you think about this new feature and what you’d like to see next.

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