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Introducing Crmble’s Effortless Duplicates Manager

+ Deals Bulk Edit

Duplicate contacts can be the bane of efficient database management. Whether they stem from multiple imports or the persistence of form submissions, handling duplicates can quickly turn into a cumbersome chore, especially when they’re linked to various deals. But fear not, as the latest update from Crmble brings you a solution that transforms duplicate contact management from a headache to a breeze.

Unveiling the Duplicates Manager

We understand the frustration of managing duplicate contacts, and that’s precisely why we’ve rolled out the Duplicates Manager. Our goal is to simplify your CRM experience and free up your valuable time for tasks that truly matter. With the Duplicates Manager, you can bid farewell to the tedium of handling duplicates, allowing you to focus on nurturing your customer relationships.

Effortless Duplicate Detection

Crmble’s Duplicates Manager swiftly identifies duplicate contacts based on their email or phone numbers. Say goodbye to manual cross-referencing and tedious comparisons—our system does the heavy lifting for you. Crmble will display the number of detected duplicates at your contacts header, providing an instant overview of your database’s cleanliness. No more digging through extensive lists to spot redundant entries; we’ve brought clarity to the forefront.

Taking Control with the Duplicates Manager

Clicking on the all-new Duplicates Manager button opens a world of efficiency. Behold a neatly organized table that lists the duplicates at hand. Whether you want to mark all duplicates at once or meticulously select them using checkboxes, Crmble’s got you covered. It’s about giving you the control to streamline your contact base effortlessly.

The Duplicates Manager takes the most recently created contact as the primary one to retain, ensuring that your data stays as current as possible. And in case some details are missing, no worries! Edit the primary contact directly and conveniently copy-paste information from the table to complete it—no more toggling between screens.

🪄 Merge and Transform ✨

Once you’ve fine-tuned your selection and edits, the magic moment arrives: the merge. A single click is all it takes to unify all duplicates into a single, clean contact. And here’s the icing on the cake—Crmble ensures that these changes ripple through every relevant deal by replacing all the duplicate contacts with the merged Primary one. The result? A pristine contact database that empowers you to connect more meaningfully with your clients.


After merging duplicate contacts into the primary one, all duplicates and their associated information will be deleted. It's important to note that this action cannot be undone. Before merging, ensure that all pertinent details have been transferred to the Primary contact. No worries! Crmble will replace the deleted duplicates in all deals with the Primary one where needed.

Repeat as Needed

Contact management is an ongoing journey, and we’re here to accompany you every step of the way. Should new duplicates arise, rest assured that Crmble’s Duplicates Manager is at your service. Simply rinse and repeat the process, confident in the knowledge that you’re in control of your CRM destiny.

In closing, Crmble’s Duplicates Manager is the solution you’ve been waiting for. 

Deals Bulk Edit

Only weeks after launching “Contacts Bulk Edit” we’re excited to introduce the same capability for deals. Consider this: You need to update the status of numerous deals within a specific workflow stage. Here we go!

To efficiently update deals in the “Order Approval” stage, follow these steps:

  1. Access your deal table within Crmble.
  2. Find the “Stage” column that contains all the lists on your board and write in the search field of the header the name of the Stage/List you’d like to filter your deals by.
  3. Select all the filtered deals by using the master checkbox.
  4. Click the “Action” button to access the “Edit Deals” option from the dropdown menu.
  5. In the bulk edit interface, modify the status, e.g., “Warm”
  6. Confirm your changes and apply them.
  7. Review the modifications and confirm any prompts.
  8. The bulk edit process updates all selected deals’ statuses.

By employing this process, you can swiftly and accurately change any deal fields in bulk, streamlining your workflow and enhancing deal management efficiency.

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