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Introducing Crmble Affiliate-Partner Program

Attention, consultants and integrators! Are you on the hunt for a seamless CRM or sales funnel to elevate your client’s business? Look no further – this program is tailor-made for you! Discover the perfect solution to captivate your clients and boost your success!

Crmble, our self-service CRM SaaS platform, is gaining significant momentum in the business world. It’s the perfect tool for consultants, integrators, and resellers who need an easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate system based on Trello. Regardless of whether you work with small and medium-sized businesses or larger corporations, Crmble’s shallow learning curve empowers you to effortlessly follow up on leads and close more deals.

Here's a quick rundown of Crmble's standout features:

Ease of use

You use Trello as the base platform and with Crmble you have access to all the extra features that turn Trello into an easy-to-use CRM. None tech-savvy users love it.


Tailor Crmble’s structure to match the unique needs of each use case. With its customizable database, you can create the perfect setup for your clients and help them achieve exceptional results.


Crmble seamlessly connects with various third-party apps and services, including forms, spreadsheets, and email. By automating and streamlining processes, you can supercharge productivity and efficiency. Additionally, Crmble offers smooth migration from other platforms through its import and mapping tools.

Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards

Crmble generates dynamic reports and helpful dashboard views to keep track of your progress without spending extra time configuring charts.

Feel free to export your data at any time

We make no hostages. Feel free to export your contacts database or deals at any point to CSV or Excel file. Perfect for external reporting, sharing information, or backup purposes.

Now, let's delve into the benefits you can enjoy by joining our Affiliate-Partner Program:

Partners Premium Support

We understand the importance of providing stellar support to our partners. With Crmble’s partnership program, you’ll receive dedicated tools and support to seamlessly integrate our platform into your customers’ workflows.

Partners Admin Back Office (a.k.a. “BakeOffice”)

Gain access to Crmble’s exclusive BakeOffice, your central hub for managing your client’s Crmble Teams users and licenses.

Partner Listing on Crmble’s Home

Boost your visibility and reach new clients by being listed as an official Crmble partner on our website and in our newsletter. It’s an excellent opportunity to expand your client base and attract new prospects.

Help Us Make Crmble Better

Your valuable input can shape the future of Crmble! As a partner, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to our platform’s enhancement by suggesting new features and tools based on the direct needs of your customers. Plus, access our roadmap and early preview and testing boards, allowing you to explore and test new tools and features before anyone else.

And as the cherry on top...

Partner Commissions

By joining our Affiliate-Partner Program, you’ll also earn generous commissions for every paid Crmble Teams subscription you set up. It’s an excellent opportunity to generate additional revenue while offering a highly valuable solution to your clients.

If you’re ready to elevate your business and embark on this exciting journey with Crmble, we invite you to join our Affiliate-Partner Program. Simply fill out a short form, and we’ll provide you with more detailed information to get started.

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