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Connect Crmble to Google Forms

Ever wanted to create your own web form and manage all your client responses exactly the way you are used to with Trello?

If this sounds easier said than done, it’s not! Because with Crmble’s new Google Form Topping it really is easy.

Google Forms is without a doubt one of the easiest ways to create a form. No coding skills required and with enough options to change colors and header image, to give your form the look and feel you want. It is free and comes with 11 different question types that suites the vast majority of use cases. Every form result gets stored in a Google Spreadsheet and now you can easily connect it with Crmble so that every new answer shows up as a new card in your incoming list.

Just a couple of steps and you can be all set up and running.

1. Create your form with Google Forms

First go to and design your own choosing the questions you want. Make sure you use the same Google account you will link to Crmble. In the Responses section just activate the “Create sheet” option to store all your answers. 

(You can read more here on How to use Google Forms)

Gif animation showing how to create a new google form

2. Connect your Google Form to Crmble

In Crmble’s Topping section you’ll now see “Google Forms”. If you haven’t linked a Google account to Crmble yet, this is the right moment to do so. Please use the same account you used to create your form in the previous step.

Crmble will show you a list of available Spreadsheets tied to your forms. Pick the one you just created and link the responses to your Crmble fields. Done!

Gif animation showing how to connect Google Form to Crmble

Now every time someone fills out your form a new card will show up on your incoming list. That easy!

Gif animation showing how a new Google Form entry becomes a new Crmble card in Trello

Read more on advanced Crmble lists settings

Now that you are automatically collecting your form responses, why don’t you sync your cards with Google contacts to automatically create a new Google Contact for every new form response?

Gif animation showing how to create a new Google contact with Crmble Google sync Topping

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