Let's meet at

May 1-2

The Venetian Resort, Las Vegas

Discover Crmble with Brittany Joiner at the Trello booth

Brittany has been a key player in backing Crmble from the start, more than four years ago. She’s super active in the Trello community and always ready to lend a hand. Honestly, she’s easily one of the most enthusiastic users and supporters of Trello out there.

Trello booth times

  • Tuesday, April 30th

    • 5-5:30pm: Hanging out at Trello booth, in case anyone has questions, wants to say hello :wave:
  • Wednesday, May 1st
    • 10:45-11:45am: Demos/lightning talks (10 min each, back to back)
      • Handling emails in Trello
      • Syncing Trello with other tools
      • Managing contacts in Trello
      • Power-Ups to super charge your board
      • Quick automation tips that will save you time

    • 2-3pm:  Hang out at Trello booth, answer any questions, nerd out about stuff hahah
    • 4-5pm: Book signing
  • Thursday, May 2nd
    • 1-2pm:  Hang out at Trello booth, answer any questions, nerd out about stuff

(All in Las vegas time zone)

Looking for an easy tool to close more deals?

Let’s talk about managing contacts and mail with Trello + Crmble.

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