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Crmble Fields 2.0

We are extremely happy and excited to introduce our most requested and groundbreaking feature yet. With our all new fully customizable Crmble Fields you can add, rename and organize your data fields exactly the way you want. 

From now on you decide what data to collect in a more consistent way along with extended integration possibilities with third party services and with some nice report connections that will come on our next update. Stay tuned for that.

Since our launch back in March 2020, Crmble has helped over 20,000 users so far with their daily CRM tasks in Trello in a very easy and efficient way. In order to bring as many features and tools as possible in the shortest amount of time, we decided to start with a limited number of fields, but alongside other important updates, our product management and development teams have been working hard together to set the foundations for all what we have in our roadmap for the next 6 months and an important part of this is Crmble Fields 2.0.

From now on you can choose from a variety of field types to store your information exactly the way you want. Here’s what you’ve got to work with!

Gif animation showing how to add new fields to Crmble Lead cards

5 New field types


Use this field type to store text strings that include letters as well as numbers. Suitable for Addresses, telephone numbers, emails, product names or any other information that comes in form of alphanumeric strings.

Email and phone recognition

Email addresses and phone number will be recognized automatically so the next time you open the card an action button will be available to email or call directly. Note: For international phone numbers just add a “+” sign before the land code.

Short screenshot showing how email addresses and phone numbers are recognized automatically to show an action button


Only numbers wanted. If you want to store amounts that you would like to use with mathematical operators after exporting to excel or CSV file format are a perfect use case perfect for this type of field.


This is a true/false type of field that comes in the form of a checkbox. It comes specially in handy when you need to classify your data defining a status with a simple click. e.g. Visited “Checked” = True or “Unchecked” = False


This type of field lets you pre define options that can be selected from a DropDown style selector. This provides a very consistent way to store data and not only that, Crmble will allow in a future update to see any DropDown field reflected in Crmble’s dashboard bar graph as an alternative to the current Source field. You could also use this field for defining industry, business size, department, or more!


In addition to Crmble’s core “Date Field” that exclusively keeps track of new leads creation dates and shows up in the dashboard timeline graph, you can create now more date fields to keep track of things like birthdays or milestones for instance, or any other date that is important to your lead. In future updates we will allow users to see any date field reflected on Crmble’s timeline graph.


With our Toppings you can make your Crmble board even more delicious making some easy to use integrations possible with Google Forms, Facebook and Typeform, plus our recent partnership with Zapier that literally opens a whole new world of possibilities to automate your workflow by connecting with over 1,000 other apps. With Crmble Fields 2.0 you can create any field type you need to put any piece of data you bring form third party services in the right place.

And the best is yet to come as we are developing our own API to support customization of your Crmble setup to your heart’s content.


Moving your CRM tasks from a Spreadsheet based type of system to Crmble is more flexible now than ever before. Now you can create in Crmble one field for every column you’ve been using in your spreadsheet, so that when it comes to matching your source data with Crmble fields, every piece of data finds its right place.

Every time you need to export your data to create additional reports or just for backup purposes, all new Crmble fields are of course included.


Sometimes when you import data into Crmble or you connect a third party service, you don’t necessarily need to see every single field you import in your card. No problem, we’ve got you covered here. In settings you can decide which fields you want to see on your card to avoid unnecessary cluttering and keep things functional but neat and simple.

Crmble's core fields

There are a number of core fields that helped us set the foundations of Crmble. These are: Name, Surname, Phone, Email, Company, Job title, Source and Creation Date. You can’t delete or change the type of field, but from now on you can rename these fields to suit them to your needs.

Gif animation showing how to change the name of a Crmble core field

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