Ready to Crmble?

You are about to turn your Trello board into a powerful yet easy to use CRM system that makes customer relationship management a piece of cake.

Crmble not only helps you manage your daily customers’ relations tasks, but also offers real time reports to give you valuable insights on how your sales pipeline performs and connects your Trello cards with Google Contacts and Google Drive.

Watch our video or follow this quick Crmble tour to get started…

Add the power-up

Create a trello board and open the board menu to add a new power-up. Search for Crmble, add it and just follow our quick Crmble recipe to setup your CRM.

Starting with the right layout

Start by adding Crmble’s default layout to your board.
6 new lists will be added that will define the touch points of your sales pipeline (New leads, Cold, Warm, Hot , Won and Lost).

Any new lead should be added first to “New leads” list.
Feel free to move your leads to any other list according to its status.

Crmble will allow full customization of its sales touch points and layout in future versions.

You’ll be asked to add the lists during our quick setup guide, but alternatively you can add the lists at any time going to  Power-Up settings or Crmble > Settings > and press “Add default layout” button in the “Pipeline” settings tab. Done!

Stay organized,
stay consistent

Get instant access to your customers’ contact details thanks to “Crmble fields”. A key feature that helps you stay organized and provides consistent data collection and nice integration possibilities with third party services.

Use “Origin” and “Date” to filter in your dashboard data by lead source and lead creation dates.

Seeing the BIG picture

Check at a glance how your sales pipeline is performing.

Crmble Fields data combined with continuos lead position tracking, gives you real time reports with valuable insights of your board activity.

Dashboard will only consider cards with at least one contact detail filled out in Crmble fields (Name, Surname, E-Mail or Phone).

Make your Crmble even more delicious adding some


Toppings are the perfect way to add more interesting features to Crmble. You can easily integrate new third party services that will speed up your workflow and hugely increase your productivity.

Many other exciting toppings are already on our roadmap. Subscribe and stay tuned for upcoming news. 

Google Sync!
Start syncing your Trello card data with your Google account

Create on demand a Google Contact from any Trello card or save your card attachments to your Google Drive.

Facebook Leads
Connect your Facebook Lead Ads to your sales board

Add new Facebook Lead Ads responses to your Trello board automatically.

Crmble muffin juggling with Google Form and Trello cards
new! Topping
Crmble_google-sync_topping_icon copia
Google Forms
Connect your forms and Trello the easy way

Every new from entry will automatically show up as a new lead in your sales pipeline.

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