Google Forms Topping

Learn how the Google Forms Topping can help you close more deals, creating a new lead card in your board from every new form entry to follow up on.

A better way to manage form submissions and stay on top.

Crmble muffin juggling with Google Form and Trello cards

Ever wanted to create your own web form and manage all your client responses exactly the way you are used to with tasks in Trello? If this sounds easier said than done, it’s not! Because with Crmble’s new Google Form Topping it’s really easy.

Google Forms is without a doubt one of the easiest ways to create a form. No coding skills are required, with enough options to change colors and header images, to give your form the look and feel you want. It is free and comes with 11 different question types that suites the vast majority of use cases. 

Let’s see how it works…

1. Create your form with Google Forms

First, visit to design your form. Make sure you use the same Google account you will link to Crmble.

Read more about how to use Google Forms

Please note that for this integration to work, you need to activate the Google Sheet option in the "Responses" tab of the Google Form editor.

Gif animation showing how to create a new google form

2. Connect your Google Form to Crmble

Open Crmble and in the main menu click on Toppings and then on “Google Forms”.

Sign in: Use the upper right button to Sign in with a Google account that has access to the form you want to connect with Crmble.

Add a Google Form: Once you are signed in you can use the upper right button to add a new Google Form.

Pick the Google Sheet: Use the combo buttons to select your Google account, select a Google spreadsheet and the Sheet where the entries are being registered.

Please bear in mind that once you have connected your Google Form with Crmble, you should not edit the spreadsheet as this would break the integration and stop new card creation for every submitted form.

Every time a form is submitted a new lead card will be created on your board. Visit your Google Form and try it out. Head back to your board and check the list you have configured in the Lists settings inside Crmble as the default lists for new lead cards. You should see a new lead card created, but not only that, Crmble has also added a new contact to your contacts database. Because Contacts work on a Crmble Team level, now you can access and reuse it on multiple cards and boards of your Crmble team.

Now that you are automatically collecting your form responses you might want to create also Google Contacts from your lead cards. With the Google Sync Topping, you can create and update contacts in Google from any Crmble Lead card. Just sign in with your Google account of choice, and use the Google Contact icon in the contact card of your lead to create or update previously created contacts. Please note that this is not a tool that creates or keeps information updated automatically. This works only manually, at least for now.