Crmble Teams FAQs

  • How do I change user roles

    User roles determine the level of access and control a team member has over the Crmble Team settings and data. The process of changing a user's role and who can make these changes is structured around the roles themselves: Owner, Admin, and User. Here's how it works:

    1. Who Can Change User Roles:
    • Owner: The Owner has the highest level of authority. They can change the roles of all other users, including promoting them to Admins or demoting them to Users.
    • Admin: An Admin can also manage roles like the Owner, but they can't demote an Owner.
    • Users: Regular Users do not have the ability to change roles. Their capabilities are mostly limited to interacting with the data within Crmble.
    1. Steps to Change a User's Role:
    • Access the Crmble Team Management Area: To do this, the Owner or an Admin must first open Crmble. Then, locate and click on the Trello user avatar. This is typically found at the bottom of the main menu.
    • Select the User: Locate the user whose role you want to change. This can usually be done by viewing a list of team members or users in the Team tab.
    • Change the Role: Once you have selected the user, you should see an option to change their role. This could be a dropdown menu or a selection of roles to choose from.
    • Save Changes: After selecting the new role for the user, please make sure the user reloads the board on their end to access the new available features.
    1. Considerations:
    • One Owner Rule: Remember, there can only be one Owner per Crmble Team. Changing the Owner role requires contacting Crmble support.
  • Can I move a board from one Crmble Team to another?

    Not directly, but you can use a workaround. Copy the board you want to move, and once you open Crmble on the copied board, you’ll be able to add it to an existing Crmble Team or to a new one. You need to be admin of the Trello board to copy the board and be an admin of any existing Crmble Team you want to move the board to.

  • How do I add a board to an existing Crmble Team?

    Only the administrator of a Crmble Team can add new boards. (The Administrator is the person who created the Crmble team). For any Crmble powered Trello boards that were created before the Crmble teams rollout, only the user that is the admin of the Trello board and added the Crmble Power-Up is able to add the board to any existing Crmble team of which the user is an administrator.

  • Who can create a new Crmble Team?

    The person who added the Crmble Power-Up to a board is the only one who can create and set the team. For instance, on a new board, anyone can add Crmble and set up the team. For an existing board, only the user who added Crmble to the board will be able to set the team.

  • How do I delete a Trello user from my Crmble Team?

    If you don't want a board member to have access to Crmble data and features, you can remove the Crmble license by heading to the Crmble Team section. To do so, open Crmble and click on your Trello user avatar located in the lower part of Crmble's main menu. Here you can use the "- remove license" option at the very right of each team member tha has currently a license assigned. The removed licesne can be assigned to a new user. You can swtich license as many times as you want.

    If you want to remove a user completely from the Crmble Team, you will need to remove the user from every Trello board associated with a Crmble Team. To identify all the boards linked to a Team, please follow these steps:

    1. Access any board that belongs to the Team.
    2. Open Crmble.
    3. Click on your Trello user avatar located in the lower part of Crmble's main menu.

    From there, you can access all the boards associated with the team and proceed to remove the user from each of them by clicking the "share" button in the top right of Trello's board header.

  • How many Crmble Teams can I have?

    No limits! Create as many teams as you like.

  • How many boards can be added to a Crmble Team?

    There are no limits! Have as many boards on your team as you want.

  • How do I add a Trello user to my Crmble Team?

    1) Add a new Trello user to the board using the top-right share button.

    (Skip this step if the user you want to add to your Crmble Team is already a member of the board)

    2) Ask the user to open Crmble and authorize the Crmble power-up.

    3) The "Owner" or an "Admin" of the Crmble Team can now assign an available license to the user.

  • My Crmble board is already part of a Trello Workspace, do I still need to create a Crmble Team?

    Crmble Teams is a totally different feature to Trello's Workspaces While both are a way of grouping boards together, Trello Workspaces relates to your Trello payment subscription and core Trello features, whereas Crmble Teams are a way to let your Crmble boards work together seamlessly and makes Crmble Fields compatible across boards that belong to the same Crmble Team.

  • What are Crmble Teams?

    Crmble Teams is the way you let your Crmble boards work together seamlessly. You can group as many boards as you want from different Trello Workspaces.