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Follow up on your Facebook Lead Ads with Crmble

If you’re using Facebook ads to promote your brand, products, or services, you will likely benefit from using Facebook Lead Ads to get contact info from possible buyers. Facebook users will see an ad on their feed promoting a specific offer, and upon clicking it, they’ll have a form auto filled with their information and they just need to click submit. 

It’s an easy way for your business to collect contact details so you can reach out to leads, but it’s not valuable unless you actually get that information in a place that makes it accessible for you to follow up with your leads. That’s where Crmble comes into play.

Crmble makes it easy to keep track of your Facebook Lead ads right inside your Trello board!

Start by creating your CRM board with our handy CRM & Sales Pipeline Trello template. Copy the board and get set up by following the steps listed in the onboarding list!

Click the Crmble icon to go to your Crmble settings and click “Facebook” from the toppings list.

Crmble Leads Ad form connection

You’ll be directed to connect your Facebook account, and then select the forms you want to integrate with Crmble. 

Then fill out the Crmble fields to match the form fields from your Facebook form.

When you’re done, just click “Subscribe” in the bottom right corner.

Want to add more forms? Just click the “Add a New Facebook Form” button!

You can easily manage your forms from this page as well. Clicking the pencil icon opens up the edit settings to change which Crmble fields your information maps to. If you want to remove the form, just click the trash button. 

Crmble Facebook Leads Ad form test sending

Now, when someone fills out your Facebook Lead form, a new card will be added to your Trello board with the contact information provided in the lead ad. It’s easy peasy!


Follow up is a breeze. By adding checklists to your Crmble cards, you can create reminders and tasks for follow up. You can also use Crmble reporting to see the success of your sales pipeline and report on how many leads you’re converting to won deals!

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