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Import a CSV to Trello with Crmble

A much-requested Trello feature is the ability to import a CSV into Trello and have your rows turn into cards on your Trello boards. 

We realized this is a critical process for anyone wanting to migrate their database of leads into Crmble, so our team prioritized this feature and it’s available today!

Here’s how to import a csv into Trello with Crmble. 

1. Make sure you’ve added the Crmble power-up to your board.

Addin Crmble Power-Up to Trello

2. Go to your Crmble settings at the top right of your board. 

Open Crmble

3. Once there, Click “Leads”, and you’ll see the option to “Import leads”.

Just click that button, upload your CSV file.

Next, you’ll need to map your Crmble fields!

Mapping your Crmble fields

Next, you have the option to map your stages and lead sources to the relevant Crmble fields. You can select which column to look at and which values to map to which deal stage… same with lead source!

Next, you can review your data mapping and select all or just some specific registries before finishing your import.

4. Sit back and enjoy watching your leads flow into Crmble.

Axel Foley relaxing and enjoying success enjoying success

By the way, did you know you can now customize your lead source fields? Just head to your Crmble settings and click “Sources” to add new options that you’ll be able to select from the drop down menu on your leads.

Animated gif showing the process of adding a new source option to Crmble

If you want to automatically add your leads to Crmble, check out the Crmble toppings to connect your Google Forms and Facebook Leads so that your leads will sync to Crmble when they’re created!

This feature is also useful for adding any sort of data into your Trello board, so if you have other boards where you want to upload into your Trello board, feel free to use the Crmble power-up to help you out. 

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