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[WEBINAR] Manage Your Contacts with Ease using Crmble!

Join us on June 18th for a live webinar showing you how you can easily manage your contacts in Trello using Crmble: the easy peasy CRM for Trello.

Webinar June 18th, 10:00am EST

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Not sure if you need to manage contacts? You do if you find yourself doing any of the following:

  • Reaching out to leads
  • Hiring for new roles on the team
  • Managing support requests
  • Networking
  • Organizing info about people

Crmble makes managing these contacts easy peasy.

Join the webinar to learn what Crmble (and Trello) is, as well as the features we provide to help automate your lead management tasks and give you time to do the other parts of your job.

  • Real time performance insights of your board activity
  • Store contact details and history in Trello cards
  • Connect your cards with Google, Facebook, and more!
  • Import data into Trello with our CSV import

This webinar has already happened. Watch it now!

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