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Upcoming update: Crmble Contacts

Heads up folks! On early December, we will release our biggest update yet: Introducing 🥁🥁🥁

Crmble Contacts

Our team has been hard at work getting this ready before the end of the year, in order to make it available for all of you on the upcoming Humble Crmble plan.

With this new update, we take your contacts management to another level, making it possible to link a contact to multiple cards on any board of your Crmble Team.

Crmble Contacts
Link a contact to multiple cards

Many of you have asked multiple times about this feature and we honestly believe this is the way to go. But, we also understand that this might not necessarily be everybody’s cup of tea. For the latter, the good news is that you can just keep on using Crmble as usual. The two things you’ll notice is the way you see your leads has changed and you now have two groups of  Crmble Fields: Contact Fields and Lead Fields.

For the rest of you wishing for this new way of managing your contacts, we really think you are going to love it!

How is this going to affect your existing Crmble boards?

  • One new contact will be created from every card, on any board in your Crmble Team
  • Your contact database will be independent from your leads 
  • Crmble Fields will be divided into two groups – Contact Fields and Lead Fields.
  • Telephone, email and address fields now support multiple values with different tags, e.g. Work, Personal, Main, Home and Other

What is next?

This update is just the tip of the iceberg. We are already working on even more cool features that will make Crmble Contacts even better.

  • Duplicate contacts manager: A tool to identify possible duplicates and help merge them into one contact to keep your database clean and tidy
  • CSV and Excel Import/Export tool
  • Table view
  • Bulk actions to create Google Contacts and keep them updated

We hope your are all as excited as we are with this new update. Although this update will be intuitive, alongside the update we will publish an extensive blog post with more info on how Contacts work, plus some Contact specific FAQ’s

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