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Multiboard Crmble Fields

Today we are super proud to announce “Multiboard Crmble Fields”. This makes moving cards between boards of the same Crmble Team possible while keeping the data in your Crmble Fields compatible across boards.
This new cool feature opens the door to multiboard workflows! For instance, you can have one board to cover the first stage the customers acquisition funnel, and a second board, where you manage your recurring customers.You could have more boards to manage customer support requests, or orders, or anything else you can imagine! The possibilities are endless and depending on the type of process you manage and the complexity of your workflow, there are many clever ways now to use multiple boards with absolute freedom.
Crmble Fields cards Multiboard journey
Excited already? Let’s see in detail how it all works.

All the Crmble Fields for your team in one place

When you open Crmble Fields settings on any board of your Crmble Team, you’ll now see the setup of all the fields from every other board that belong to the same team. The fields that were originally created in the board you are actually in, will be active (Switched to “ON”) and represented in a more vivid color to make them stand out from the rest of fields that belong to the rest of the boards in your team. By default these fields will be inactive (Switched to “OFF”) and represented with slightly lighter colors.
Crmble fields settings

The good news is that you can make them available and visible on the board you are currently in by simply switching the toggle to “ON”. You can then choose whether you want to make the field visible in the front, back or both sides of the card and there you go, the new activated field and its data is now available in this board as well.

Monster tip!

You can activate any Crmble Field on any board of your Crmble Team. This will make the fields available in your dashboard report, imports or “Toppings” integrations. You can also choose to hide/show them on the front and/or back of your cards.

Currency field

Another nice feature that comes along with this update is the all new Currency Field. Now you can add more currency fields each of which can have its own currency symbol. This is helpful if you’re working with multiple currencies. This new type of field is available in Crmble’s Dashboard report as well to show you automatic sums, the same way deal value and any other numeric type of field does.
Crmble Currency Field setup and visualization

Drop down field mapping

This last improvement, but certainly not least makes our beloved multi option Drop down field mapping super easy. Now you can map any multiple option field of a form integration or when importing a CSV/Excel file directly with your drop down Crmble field of choice. Each value of your form or imported file will automatically populate your drop down field creating new option options and matching the existing ones for you. It’s that simple!

Multiboard Crmble Fields paves the way for a lot of very cool features that are coming very soon so stay tuned.

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