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Introducing the all-new Dashboard

Shoot for the stars, aim for the moon.

Since the first release back in March 2020, the dashboard has been the first thing you would see when opening Crmble. The charts and filters are a visual and dynamic easy-to-use reporting tool, but it isn’t a dashboard in the strict sense of the word. When we started designing the WON/LOST feature we released just a few weeks ago, we immediately envisioned what the dashboard should show. So today, we are introducing the first version of the revamped Crmble Dashboard, which lays the foundation for a future, more customizable tool focusing on the overall performance of your business. But no worries, nothing has been lost. We moved everything you are used to on the old dashboard section to a more appropriate “Reports” section.

Wins summary widget

Check at a glance how many leads and revenue you have achieved in the selected period and see how it compares to the previous one.

Shoot for the stars; aim for the moon.

Now you can set a monthly goal established in deal value. A little bar chart in the “Wins summary” widget helps you always keep your eyes on your plan and achieve your goals.

Won leads widget

Curious about which exact leads grew your current revenue? This simplified lead table widget shows you all the won leads corresponding to the selected period in detail. Also, you can click on the lead name to open its corresponding card.

Comparison widget of won leads or deal value

Sometimes you would want to check how your current period compares to its previous one. This widget has you covered by splitting the currently selected period into smaller ones offering a more into depth comparison with its immediate last period. For instance, if you select by week or month in the period filter, the widget will show you a daily comparison with the last period. Likewise, the chart will show a monthly comparison with the previous period if you choose by quarter or year.
Use the drop-down button to switch and compare your growth by the number of leads or revenue.
We hope you all like this next-gen dashboard, and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions about what you’d like to see next. We plan to enable the widget customization feature sometime within the first mid of next year.
The next thing to expect before the end of this year is the “Multi-Contact” feature. Many of you, especially real-estate agencies, have been asking for this for a long time, and very shortly, you will be able to link multiple contacts to a lead card and specify the role they play in that card. That is all for now. Have a lot of fun using Crmble and crush those sales. As always, thank you for your support.

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