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Hurray! +25,000 Trello Boards Installations Reached

This time last year, we were preparing to launch Crmble.

We were hoping for 10,000 users in our first year, which seemed really ambitious, considering not that many power-ups achieve that status in their lifetime, let alone their first year. But we felt we had a product that would be useful and solve a problem for many people.

Fast forward now and we surpassed our goal. With 25,000 boards now using Crmble, we’re humbled and honored to be able to take care of the needs of so many people and see all the cool problems they’re solving.

We thought we made a LEGO set for people to build a Millenium Falcon (aka, a CRM), but over the last year we’ve seen people use these LEGOS to make a variety of things from a Hogwarts Castle to a Taj Mahal! (Recruiting tools, order management process, and more!)

We’re excited for this next year and we’re planning to continue improving the product and share even more ways you can use Crmble to solve problems.

So here’s to our first 25,000 boards, and many more to come! 🍻 Thanks for supporting us and proving that Crmble is the easy peasy way to manage your contacts inside Trello.

If you’re one of the thousands that has found Crmble useful so far, we’d be thrilled if you’d tell your friends. And tell us! We’d love to hear your feedback, and we might even feature your quote in some of our marketing materials! (With your permission, of course!) Send us an email at, or fill out our feedback form or write a review directly on our Facebook page or Product Hunt. Want to tell your friends about Crmble? We’ve made it easy.

With ❤️ The Crmble Crew

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