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New! Gmail Topping is here

We’re so excited to share our new Topping with you! With Gmail you can follow up on your Email conversations without leaving your Trello board. Not only that, we also included a small but handy email composer to send quick messages to your contacts from any Trello card. It literally takes just signing in with your gmail account to make it work.

Let’s show you how it works…

Gmail Topping muffin running with Gmail envelope in his hand

1) Sign in with your Google account

Google’s Sign in process will inform you about all the permissions you can grant to Crmble, but for this Gmail service you’ll only need the two first ones so feel free to uncheck the rest. Alternatively you can just leave them all checked. Crmble is not going to delete or change your Google data anyway.

Crmble Gmail Topping signing in process

2) Automatic snippets of mails in your cards

By checking the Gmail tracking option, Crmble will automatically check your mailbox every 15 minutes and add message snippets to follow up on the conversation at glance.

Crmble Gmail Topping email snipped in Trello card activity

3) Send mails directly from your cards

Using the Gmail Send button you can send quick emails without leaving your contact card.

To send mails to multiple recipients you can add multiple email addresses separated by semicolon in the E-mail Crmble Field.

Note: Gmail Topping relies on Crmble’s default email field. If for some reason you’ve changed this text type field to store information different to email, this function will not work.

Crmble's Gmail Topping send emails from a Trello card

It’s Christmas time!​

So let it be noted. We themed Crmble to help you jump in the Christmas mood while you’re working. We’ll leave you to find those Easter Eggs, but here’s a hint: 🎅 🎄 

In case you’ve missed it, we are also celebrating a special Christmas event on Dec 16th! See How Santa Uses Trello, have some holiday fun, and even get some giveaways!

...and last but not least

We’ve included some minor bug fixes that you all have been so nice to point out through our support Typeform during the last months. Please keep letting us know when you find something not working as expected!

And that’s all folks!

We hope you’ll enjoy using this new functionality.

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