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Introducing: Advanced Crmble lists settings

Important notice

Crmble fields only visible on Crmble lists

If you have been using Crmble for a while and suddenly you don’t see your Crmble fields data anymore. Don’t panic! It’s normal and most importantly, you haven’t lost any data.

To keep your cards clean, we’ll only show the Crmble fields on cards that are on the lists you’ve added to Crmble. That way if you have any lists to store cards that don’t have contacts, they won’t be cluttered with empty Crmble fields.

In order to see your Crmble fields data again, all you have to do is go to Crmble/Settings and add every list you want to be part of your sales funnel and reports using the upper right “+ Add list” button.

Advanced Crmble lists settings is a big deal

Until now, taking full advantage of Crmble’s sales funnel and reports was limited by the use of our default layout design. From now on you design your sales funnel exactly the way you want. Name and create your own touchpoints to suite your needs or even adapt Crmble to many other use cases, not only sales.

Let’s have a look at the new option we’ve added and all the new possibilities it offers…

1. Add New Lists

Add your own lists and select whether you want the list to be part of your sales funnel graph or just show up on your general report.

Crmble default new lead entry list

TIP! You can add new lists directly on your Trello board as usual. Then just add them to Crmble using the combo selector on the setting screen that pops up clicking on “+ Add list” button.

NOTE Only new lists added using Crmble settings will be taken into account and show up in Crmble reports.

2. Select your default “New Leads” list

Now you decide which list will be used by default to create new cards when using any of our third party integrations.

TIP! To keep you workflow consistent, we strongly recommend to use this same list also for any new card you crate manually.

Crmble default new lead entry list

3. Order your funnel to your liking

Simply drag your lists using Crmble list settings or drag them along your board to design your funnel stages as you like.

NOTE Only the lists you add to your board using Crmble’s lists setting will be taken into consideration by Crmble’s funnel and reports.

Design your funnel ordering your sales funnel like you want

Not only for sales 

Although Crmble was primarily conceived to manage sales-oriented customer relationship tasks, Crmble’s new list configuration options opens up a world of  interesting new possibilities and use cases such as managing client support or recruitment for instance.

Check out our Templates and play around.

Hiring & Recruiting Trello Template

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