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Crmble Teams coming soon

We’re about to share a new way to organize and unite your Crmble boards! Coming March 15th, we’ll be introducing “Crmble Teams”. Although it’s not the same as your Trello Teams setting, it’s the way of grouping your Crmble boards so they can work together.
While you might not see any immediate changes, this update lays the groundwork for some important new features that are coming over the next couple of months. (Spoiler alert: If you have more than one board using Crmble, then you’re going to like this!)
We’ll be adding things like the ability to sync Crmble Fields across multiple boards, and also have multidashboard views!

So what does this update mean for me?

Nothing at the moment! But starting March 15th, you’ll see a message pop up when you access your Crmble boards asking you to take action and assign your boards to a Crmble Team. It’s really easy, all you’ll need to do is create a team (or multiple… you can have as many as you’d like!) You’ll then assign boards to Crmble Teams which will lay the foundations for all the cool stuff that will come in the coming months.

Sit tight for now and we’ll be in touch when Crmble Teams are here!

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