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Crmble Teams Are Here!

It’s here! Today you’ll see a special surprise when you log on to your Crmble boards. Crmble Teams is our latest update, and with it you’ll have the ability to group your Crmble boards.

If you are the installer of Crmble you should see a message encouraging you to create a Crmble team and add your board to that team. You can have as many teams as you want. Think of a team in terms of a business or department. A team should be grouped by the people you want to be able to access similar Crmble boards.
If you’re not the Crmble installer , you’ll see a message encouraging you to reach out to the user that installed Crmble in that board to set up a team.
We know what you’re thinking…
“Wait! My board is already part of a Trello team… why do I have to create a Crmble team?”
It’s a totally different feature! While both are a way of grouping boards together, Trello Teams relates to your Trello payment subscription and core Trello features, whereas Crmble Teams are a way to let your Crmble boards work together seamlessly.

Over the next couple of months, we’ll be adding new features to help your boards work together. Features like…

1) Syncing Crmble fields across multiple boards

Have multiple Trello boards that you want to sync data between? Organizing them on the same Crmble team will make the transition seamless. We’ll be able to match all the data under the hood so your boards work together.

2) Multiboard Dashboard

Want to see all of your funnel and pipeline reports in one place? You’ll be able to see all the performance of your Crmble boards within that team! Get a global view of how everything is performing without having to individually go into every board.

So, let’s get the party started! Head over to your Crmble boards and create your teams. Have any questions? Check out our handy FAQs below.

Crmble Teams FAQ's

How do I invite a Trello user to my Crmble Team?

Just invite the user to any board that belongs to the desired Crmble team.


How many boards can be added to a Crmble Team?

The limit does not exist! Have as many boards on your team as you want.

How many Crmble Teams can I have?

Once again, there is no limit! Create as many teams as you like.


How do I delete someone from my Crmble Team?

You have to delete the user from every Trello board that belongs to a Crmble Team. To check all the boards that belong to a Team please access any board that belongs to the Team, open Crmble and click on the team menu item in the lower part of Crmble’s main menu. From there you can go to all of those boards and remove the user.


Who can create a new Crmble Team?

The person who added the Crmble Power-Up to a board is the only one who can create and set the team. For instance, on a new board, anyone can add Crmble and set up the team. For an existing board, only the user who added Crmble to the board will be able to set the team. 

How do I add a board to an existing Crmble Team?

Only the administrator of a Crmble Team can add new boards. (The Administrator is the person who created the Crmble team). For any Crmble powered Trello boards that were created before the Crmble teams rollout, only the user that is admin of the Trello board and added the Crmble Power-Up is able to add the board to any existing Crmble team of which the user is an administrator.


Can I move a board from one Crmble Team to another?

You can’t exactly change the team of the board, but the easiest workaround is to copy the board you want to move, and once you open Crmble on the new one you’ll be able to select or create the Crmble team that you want the board to associate with. You need to be admin of the Trello board to copy the board and be an admin of any existing Crmble Team you want to move the board to.

How do I assign administrators to my Crmble Team?

Any admin of a team has the privilege to name other members admin as well. To do so, access the team menu on any Crmble powered Trello board that belongs to the team and look for the member. Use the drop-down field next to the member name to change it to admin. 

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