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Dashboard & Products tab update

Crmble has undergone some improvements! Our dashboard now features new widgets that allow you to easily check your top-selling products and top-sellers. Additionally, we’ve made some updates to our tables for a better user experience. Read on to discover all the details!

The products tab in deal cards

Recently we introduced Products, a new feature that enables you to add products or services to your deals, adjust quantities, apply discounts or taxes, and update your Deal Value field with a single click. Now we have also added a new “Detail” field to products and improved the user interface in the products tab of deals. The new layout optimizes space and allows you to view more product details. To view the complete product name and description, use the Name column slider. To edit or delete a product from your deal, click on the three dots button located at the end of each product line.

The top-selling products widget

When you mark a deal as Won, Crmble tracks the quantity and value of the products sold in that deal. With the new Top Selling Products widgets, you can see a ranking of the best-selling products. You can even switch the ranking between quantity and value by clicking the button provided.
Ranking of the top-selling products by quantity or product value

Top-sellers widget

To monitor the deals that various members of your board are handling, whether they are losing or winning, simply add members to deals using Trello’s “Members” button located in the right-hand column of buttons at the back of the cards or use the “Change members” option by hovering over a card and clicking the pencil icon. Whenever you mark a deal assigned to a member as WON, Crmble keeps track of it, and the all-new Top Seller widget displays a ranking of the top sellers by deal value or the number of won deals using the dropdown button provided.
Ranking of the top three sellers

Choose your widgets

The dashboard provides you with a clear view of your board’s progress in terms of WON deals and revenue. You can easily declutter your Dashboard by turning off the unnecessary widgets. Furthermore, any modifications you make to the dashboard widget configuration can be saved by selecting the “save view” option that appears each time you make a change

Overall table improvements

Our tables have undergone several improvements:

  • We have added sliders to adjust the width of the table columns
  • We have resolved an issue that previously caused the disappearance of information on the deals table during horizontal scrolling.
  • The dashboard’s Won deals table now includes a button for viewing additional details and an action button for exporting deals to a CSV or Excel file.
  • Furthermore, the contacts table now displays totals in the footer.


It’s worth noting that hovering over any column name on any table will reveal a burger icon, which grants access to additional options that apply to the entire table, such as pinning columns to the left or right, applying complex filter rules, toggling column visibility on or off, or auto-sizing columns to display the full content.

We hope you like these improvements and, as always, await your valuable feedback on the support chat to make Crmble a better tool.


From the Crmble crew with ❤️

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