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Crmble Fields revamped

In a nutshell Crmble Fields are how you store data consistently with Crmble. They make real time reports and third party apps integrations work easily. We just updated our beloved fields making some tweaks under the hood and some improvement on the surface to make them more efficient and intuitive to use and setup. That quick synopsis should get you up to speed, but if you are curious about all the changes in detail, keep on reading…

A little bit of background information…

In our last Crmble Fields update, back in September 2020, we introduced Crmble Fields 2.0 which brought default fields that came out of the box for every card (Name, Surname, Phone, Email, Company, Job title, Source, and Creation Date). We also added the possibility to add more fields to Crmble with 5 types of fields to choose from (Text, Number, Checkbox, Dropdown and Date).

Default Crmble Fields 2.0

Default Fields = Core Fields

What we’ve been calling “default fields”, will be called “core fields” from now on. Core fields are imperative for Crmble reports and integrations with third party apps via Crmble Toppings and therefore can’t be deleted. But we’ve made some changes under the hood to give you the option to change the names of the fields to match your style. We also added new icons which represent the use they are intended for.

Here's the list of Crmble's core fields


Contact's first name


Contact's main telephone number


Contact's company name


Source the contact was created from

Deal value

Deal value your contact represents


Contact's last name


Contact's main Email address


Contact's Job title

Creation date

Contact's creation date

Additional custom Crmble fields will continue to be represented with the field type icon (DropDown, CheckBox, Date…)
Crmble custom fields revamped

Got links? We make that easy in Crmble Fields

We’ve added a new action for text type fields. If you want to store external links to web pages for instance, add a new text type field and as soon as you fill it out with an url, an action button will show up to open it in your browser. No more having to copy and paste a link – just click the arrow button to go directly to the link.

External links action buttons in Crmble fields

Let’s make a deal!

The Deal Value field is now visible as any other Crmble Field in cards. Before it was shown as part of the button list on the right hand side of a card, but it seemed to be a confusing experience and difficult to find. Deal value configuration options are now available in Settings/Crmble Fields section Remember: you can edit the field to configure additional settings such as currency and language!
Crmble Deal Value field

Edit Deal Value in Settings/Crmble Fields like any other field

Drop(down fields) like it’s hot!

Dropdown fields are a great way to add multiple predefined options to a card’s field, things like a status value. This way you can use lists to provide details about a stage of your funnel and use a dropdown field to mark the cards in the final list as won or lost from a sales funnel perspective. Or you can use it to add a lead rating field using star emojis.

Put some more Dropdown fields in your card
Dropdown fields are linked to Crmble’s dashboard reports and can be selected in the bar graph to get more insights.
Dropdown fields selectable in your Dashboard

We’ve put some love in Dropdown fields configuration making it more user friendly. Now you can also sort the different options by dragging them around.

Dropdown fields manager in action

Now you see it, now you don’t!

Sometimes you want to have a field show up on the front of the card, or hide it from showing up inside of a card. Now you can set up fields to show (or not show!) anywhere you like. Just use the toggles that are available on the main screen of your Crmble Fields settings.
This is our most exciting Crmble Fields update yet! We know there’s a lot, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing all the cool things you build in your Crmble boards with these new custom field updates, so if you’re feeling so inclined – take some screenshots and tag us on social media, and we might highlight your work! 🙂

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